My Youtube Subscriptions

When I was in middle school, me and my friends would create vlogs about silly things. It was a way we could get creative and manage our own page. I don’t actively add videos to Youtube anymore, but I have a few favorite “vloggers” I’m subscribed to. I wanted to list a couple of my favorite vloggers and why I enjoy their content.

Yoga with Adriene

Yoga with Adriene.png

I’m extremely inflexible. My hip flexors are tight and it’s a struggle for me to touch my toes while standing. That’s why I subscribe to Yoga with Adriene. The yoga videos are free and there’s a variety of different videos. Some of her videos are catered to specific populations and no matter which video I choose, I always feel great after. Sometimes after a long day at work, I don’t want to go run on a treadmill, so I find doing a couple of her videos mellows me out.

Cameron Chaney

Cameron Chaney.png

Cameron specializes in “all things spooky”. He’s a horror author who often vlogs about book reviews of various horror books. Cameron provides “trigger warnings” in his book reviews which I really appreciate. A couple of the books he reviewed had intense rape scenes. I actively avoid reading about sexual assault in books for personal reasons. To see Cameron being sensitive to his audience makes me enjoy his content even more.

Molly McIsaac

Molly McIsaac.png

Molly McIsaac is the best witch queen on the internet. I started following Molly after watching the reality show on Syfy titled FangasmMolly speaks her mind and she’s passionate about body positivity, thrifting and social justice. Her videos recently have been pumpkin related shopping hauls, but she also vlogs about gaming, thrifting and more. I have yet to watch her #100babychallenge on Sims 4, but knowing Molly, I bet it will keep me entertained.

Super Space Chick

Super Space Chick.png

Another Fangasm alum, Kristin is a booktuber. Many of the book series I have read came from her channel. I will say our book interests don’t always align, but it’s pushed me out of my comfort zone in what I read. Kristin loves young adult fantasy, contemporary and manga. Her videos are the perfect length and her channel is bright colored and peppy. I will continue to watch all of her book videos because they inspire me to keep reading all day every day.

Good Luck High Five

Good Luck High Five.png

Good Luck High Five is a Magic: the Gathering video channel and both Megan and Maria offer great tips on playing the game. As someone who has had negative experiences with the game, it helps that this channel is run by female gamers. My only negative with this channel is the videos can run long and my interest starts to wane. However, I usually play their videos while I do chores which helps pass the time.

Youtube is a great platform that’s allowed many to thrive making videos. All of these vloggers have made a positive impact in my watching experience and I can’t recommend them enough.

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