My Giant Nerd Boyfriend Web Toon

I used to read web comics on a more frequent basis, but then my phone broke and all my apps were erased. This caused a break in how often I read web comics. As I browsed through Facebook, I saw an ad on my feed advertising WEBTOON. WEBTOON is a free, web comic viewing app available on google play and iTunes. After downloading WEBTOON, I was hooked. One of my first series I started reading was My Giant Nerd Boyfriend.

My Giant Nerd Boyfriend.png

My Giant Nerd Boyfriend created by Fishball. All art belongs to her. Image screen shot taken by Me. 

My Giant Nerd Boyfriend describes the relationship between Fishball and her Giant Nerd Boyfriend. The Giant Nerd Boyfriend is a gamer, owner of at least 5+ Pikachu shirts and supports Fishball in her artistic career. The episodes vary whether they’re hilarious or invoking heart-wrenching emotions. For example in a couple episodes, the story tells how Fishball’s Giant Nerd Boyfriend was abandoned by his father and raised by his grandmother and his mom. Both of these strong women helped mold Giant Nerd Boyfriend into being the best boyfriend for Fishball.

In recent episodes, Fishball and Giant Nerd Boyfriend adopted Biscuit who I believe is a Pomeranian puppy. I’m all about cute, hand drawn animals appearing in comics. Biscuit steals the show in certain episodes and goes to show how adding a pet into a healthy relationship can strengthen that bond. I think of my rescue kitty Athena and how she has become our fur baby with me and my fiance.

The story is the obvious draw with this comic, but the artwork is authentic. The sharpened images are able to contrast the physical differences between Fishball and her boyfriend. It creates humor within the comic, but also creating the realistic and healthy relationship between the two of them.

Thanks to WEBTOON for getting me back into reading web comics. I like being able to sip on my hot coffee in the morning and read an episode or two before getting ready for work. If you’re looking for a cutesy relationship web comic, I highly recommend My Giant Nerd Boyfriend. Let me know what else you’re reading on WEBTOON because recommendations are always appreciated.

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