Why I’m Getting My Harry Potter Tattoo

I’m excited to share with you all that I will be getting my first tattoo in September of this year. My artist is still finishing the sketch, but it will be a Jame’s Potter’s stag patronus in that ethereal blue and white fading down into a Deathly Hallows symbol. Since high school, I had been talking about how if I were to get a tattoo, it would be a Harry Potter themed one. After going to Universal Studios in February, I realized why shouldn’t I get a tattoo now instead of holding off and waiting years to get something I have always wanted. This will be my first tattoo and I wanted to share the process of finding the artist along with the reasons why I want this tattoo.

Once I decided I was going forward with my Harry Potter tattoo, I started researching different shops. My first requirement was to find a shop that supports women, but also the LGBTQIA+ community. As a consumer, it’s my due diligence to ensure my money wasn’t going to someone who was actively trying to degrade the rights of an entire group of people. I settled on Jackalope Tattoo which is one of the few shops in the Twin Cities with women, trans, and non-binary artists. The shop itself was beautiful with a variety of different plants everywhere and privacy between the different booths. The artist I picked specializes in water color work. My tattoo will have this blue / white look to it and I had a specific image in my mind of how I wanted this tattoo to look.

Now I will go into my reasons why I have always wanted a tattoo:

Harry Potter Made Me Love To Read

Reading has been a huge hobby of mine which started from reading the Harry Potter books as a family. My dad’s side of the family has a cottage in Minnesota that we would travel to in summer. As we read the Harry Potter books late in the evening, we would hear the lapping sounds of the waves hitting the shore. My dad used to work in radio, so he would have this soothing, calming voice whenever he read the books. He also used to do sound effects like if he was reading Hagrid’s lines versus Harry’s. My love of reading grew from Harry Potter. 

To Remember My Father

Part of this, is to remember my dad. This is however, not the sole reason I want a tattoo. The permanence of a tattoo is a great way to remember my father forever. I think it’s incredibly meaningful to have an artist draw up a memory based on a person and blend it with a childhood story.

To Remind Me To Love Everyone & Judge Less

The Harry Potter book series has many adult themes as I’m seeing when I’m doing my re-read this year. One theme is how bigotry can ruin a society. The bigotry is seen with “mud-bloods” and “pure-blood” wizards. In the height of the Second Wizarding War, “mud-bloods.” were being put on trial or executed based on their magical family history. The Harry Potter series teaches how if we are more accepting and open to everyone, it leads to a more peaceful way of life.

September cannot come fast enough. I’m proud of myself for going through this instead of backing out or putting it off. If you have any first time tattoo tips, please them in the comments!

11 thoughts on “Why I’m Getting My Harry Potter Tattoo

  1. This is a lovely sentiment 🙂 I found having a tattoo for sentimental reasons to be empowering for me. I hope you like it when it’s done 🙂


  2. How exciting! I have a huge golden snitch tattoo, and it’s always been one of my favorites.

    As far as tips: I would say the most obvious is to try not to move much during the tattoo itself (usually the artist will do a test line to show you how it’ll be), but also don’t forget to eat beforehand as that helps to not pass out. Don’t forget to breathe (silly, I know, but I know people who always hold their breath without realizing it). I always bring a water bottle with me and take sips throughout, and sometimes even a snack if I know I’ll be sitting for a long time. If you’ll be laying down during the tattoo, make sure you sit up slowly once you’re finished or else you may get lightheaded. A big one I always tell my friends beforehand is if you’re not fully in love with the placement when they put the stencil on, don’t be afraid to tell the artist. They can always move it around and find a spot you’re really happy with. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for a break if you need it. But most of all, enjoy the experience!


    • Thanks! Yeah I’m meeting with my artist the Friday before to confirm the tattoo placement and design too. My artist said I should eat a big meal before I get it done and drink lots of water. I’ll definitely be opinionated because I want my tattoo to look the way I want it to.


  3. Heck yeah! I can’t wait to see it! Ask them to start out a little slow when they first go, just so you can see for yourself how the needle feels. Don’t be afraid to ask for a small break, I’m sure they won’t mind since it’s your first tattoo!! Obviously you want to try to not move while they’re doing it so that they don’t have squiggly lines embedded into you forever.


  4. Sounds awesome! Can’t wait to see the finished results. I’ve been thinking about getting a Harry Potter tattoo in December for my 30th birthday. I’ve more or less settled on a simple design of a wand or one of my favorite quotes, but can’t find a parlor in my area that isn’t a grimy bar for bikers.


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