Hogwarts Deck Building Game

Last Christmas, my brother received the Hogwarts Deck Building game along with the expansion pack bringing Luna Lovegood to the story. I had played the Hogwarts Deck Building game when I was in college, so I wasn’t a stranger to the rules. I hosted a board game night two weeks ago with my family and the boyfriend where we tested out this game. My mom loved the game and it made her more excited to go to Universal Studios in February.

Teaching Mom Hogwarts Game Jan. 19th 2019.jpg

Teaching my mom how to play. Picture Taken by Me through Snapchat.

The Harry Potter deck building game gives you four characters to choose from: Harry, Ron, Hermione and Neville. The goal is to defeat the villains before the locations are taken over by the Death Eaters. Since this is a deck building game, you can purchase cards for your character deck. These cards can heal characters, take off a villain token from the location and send a spell to a villain resulting in their defeat. This is an entirely cooperative game which is something else my mom liked.

Hogwarts Deck Building Game .jpeg

Harry Potter’s deck. 

The game is incredibly easy to grasp as I mentioned, if I taught my mom how to play this game, anyone can learn. Not that my mom can’t grasp board game rules, but the more complicated the game, the more my mom gets lost within the game’s mechanics. One exciting moment from our session was when my mom corrected my brother on the rules. I repeat, my mom corrected my brother on the rules of the game. I think both me and my brother’s jaws hit the floor.

Hogwarts and Athena Jan 19th 2019.jpeg

Athena was playing with us while also eating my food. 

This is probably one of my favorite board games I played. It’s more fun playing with Harry Potter fans, but I think anyone could enjoy this game. It was a fun way to get hyped for Harry Potter world and I imagine my mom is going to want to beat the whole game before we go. I’ll let you all know how that goes.


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