Titans is Surprisingly Decent

This past summer, I wrote a post regarding the new Titans trailer being released on DC Universe. Most of my thoughts were incredibly harsh as I thought this show would be a steaming pile of trash. The boyfriend ended up purchasing a membership to DC Universe, which means we have been watching Titans every Friday. I cannot believe I’m saying this, but this show is actually enjoyable, entertaining and I’m intrigued by the darker nature with the show.

Titans places emphasis on Raven’s back story and how her powers developed. In the pilot, Raven recognizes how destructive her powers can be and the fear toward her family when she displays these mystical abilities. Raven is played wonderfully by Teagan Croft who is a relatively unknown Australian actress. As the episodes air, Beast Boy (Ryan Potter) and Star Fire (Anna Diop) are introduced to help protect Raven while also allowing her the freedom to explore her nature.


My biggest complaint initially was the “Fuck Batman” line from the trailer. I wasn’t sure what to expect from this portrayal of Dick Greyson. Dick Greyson in Titans is lost in his identity. He was raised by Bruce to fight crime, but he feels his Robin persona is consuming him. As a result, there seems to be blame on Bruce for introducing him to this world which allows the”Fuck Batman” line to fit with his persona. Brenton Thwaites brings Dick to life on the TV screen and gives a convincing performance of a confused, guilt-ridden early age Nightwing.

DC is known for it’s grittier comic book adaptations which is fine, but sometimes back fires. I’m happy to say Titans has blown me away from my initial expectations. I was wrong about this show earlier in the year. I highly recommend any DC comics fan to watch this and let’s have a discussion in the comments below.




4 thoughts on “Titans is Surprisingly Decent

  1. I’m enjoying Titans too! It’s not too dark and the characters are all cool. I guess my biggest issue with the show thus far is that every other episode seems to focus on someone not in the core four. Hawk/Dove, Donna, The Doom Patrol…and so the Titans really don’t get a lot of chances to work together on their own and get to know each other’s powers because the focus always shifts or the team is split up. I think it’s too early in the show for that.


    • Ah that’s a really interesting point that I hadn’t thought of, but you’re right. I agree the team hasn’t been together for long. This season is only supposed to be 10 episodes long, so I hope next season is going to be longer.


  2. I have now seen Titans, and you mentioned you’d like to hear my review. I won’t be writing one but I will give a short critical appraisal. Most of the episodes are individually good. Some are individually very good. The exception is the Doom Patrol. it didn’t really advance the plot and was basically a promo for a future series. Overall I enjoyed the series more than I expected. A couple of things bothered me. I don’t recall Starfire being a murderous sociopath. Killing and violence shouldn’t come easy, an they portrayed that really well with Robin. Really well. The second thing that bothered me, and it is the reason I said the episodes were individually good, is that they introduced too many other DC heroes. This felt like they didn’t have enough story to cover the main four characters, which felt odd given it was only 12 episodes. Each of those new characters introduced were still good but I felt it diluted the Titans plot. I may revise my opinion if (at the very least) Hawk and Dove become series regulars. If they did, then it would make more sense in my head. Those were my thoughts. Looking forward to season 2


    • I agree with your thoughts about Doom Patrol, it did feel a tad unnecessary. Star Fire’s story is interesting to me because it is different from her comic book counter part. I actually didn’t mind that as much as I thought I would. Thanks for checking back in!


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