Cancellation of Luke Cage & Iron Fist; My Reaction

On my laptop I have a sticky notes app to keep myself organized. It includes my To-Do List, video games I want to play, clothes I’m looking to purchase and all the TV shows I’m behind on. Towards the top of the TV watching list were the Marvel Netflix TV series because I haven’t watched Luke Cage or Iron Fist. Marvel’s Netflix series tackle darker issues plaguing our society where Marvel’s superhero movies are mostly lighthearted. I actually liked the Defenders series even though a lot of fans were disappointed, so it saddens me to hear about the cancellation of both Luke Cage and Iron Fist. I wanted to write my reactions to each series.

Luke Cage season #2.jpg

In Luke Cage, Luke becomes a celebrity after the events in the Defenders. Mariah Dillard is still a shady politician attempting to do good in Harlem while also abandoning the Dillard family gun business. Misty Knight is recovering from losing her arm while also suffering from Scarfe’s betrayal which means more criminals are hitting the streets. This season shows Mariah’s descent into becoming Harlem’s most dangerous gangster along with Bushmaster, another villain wanting to seek revenge against the Dillard family.

Marvel Iron Fist 2

Iron Fist is the underdog of the Marvel universe because I wasn’t expecting much after season #1’s dismal storytelling. Iron Fist shows Danny finally committing to Colleen as they turned her dojo into an apartment. Danny constantly is out late punishing criminals ruthlessly to keep Matt’s promise of keeping NYC safe. Meanwhile, Joy Meachum is up to some shady stuff with Davos, the former K’un-L’un apprentice seeking the Iron Fist. Ward Meachum is still a rich asshole, but he’s somewhat decent this season. Alice Eve does a miraculous job as Typhoid Mary as she adds another layer to the drama of this season. Without revealing any spoilers, the show does a great job with Colleen’s character and she’s probably the character I will miss the most.

Both Luke Cage and Iron Fist had much stronger second seasons which is why I was devastated when I realized both series were cancelled. I’m holding out hope for a Heroes for Hire show combining both Iron Fist and Luke Cage because I found Finn Jones and Mike Coulter were magnetic on screen together. This is incredibly unlikely though according to some gossip I picked up on where Disney’s streaming service is going to be PG.

Another reason why I’m disappointed in the cancellation between both shows is the strong female characters between both series. Misty Knight, Colleen Wing, Typhoid Mary and Claire all show up between both shows. Where’s my Misty Knight/Colleen Wing team up show because I would watch the hell out of that.

Although I’m disappointed by the cancellations, I’m hopeful with the renewal with Daredevil and Jessica Jones. If Luke Cage and Iron Fist don’t get added to a Heroes for Hire TV show, they could still appear in the other Netflix shows. I’m interested to here your thoughts about Marvel’s Netflix saga.


4 thoughts on “Cancellation of Luke Cage & Iron Fist; My Reaction

  1. I have yet to see both Luke Cage and Iron Fist’s second seasons. But I have heard from both shows, that they were much stronger than their first ones like you just said here as well. It really is a shame they have been cancelled. But that’s pretty much something that seems to happen a lot these days. It’s all about the ratings 😢 Let’s hope that in some way at least the characters will appear in the other shows: fingers crossed 😊


    • Heroes for Hire would be great! I actually really enjoyed Iron Fist season #2 and I felt the show definitely redeemed itself from season #1. The Defenders was a good time, I think the problem was it centered around Danny Rand and his season wasn’t the best which is why I think fans didn’t like the Defenders.

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