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Marvel is FINALLY making a female led superhero movie in their current movie universe. Remember in 2005 when Jennifer Gardner started as Elektra in that forgotten Marvel movie? This isn’t Marvel’s first time producing a movie with a female led superhero if you even consider Elektra a hero to begin with. Marvel is behind considering they had an opportunity to make a Black Widow movie, but they didn’t. I’m happy with Marvel’s decision to make a Captain Marvel movie even though I don’t know anything about her character. I wanted to come up with a reading list / bucket list of comics to read before the movie releases in 2019.

The Life of Captain Marvel

Life of Captain Marvel.jpg

This Captain Marvel series has been advertised as an origin story which is perfect for anyone who doesn’t know the character. Based on the description, Carol Danvers is from Boston, MA where she encounters the Kree and they give her mystical powers. She eventually joins the Avengers and helps to fight evil beings from outer space. This series is written by Margaret Stohl who wrote the Black Widow Young Adult book I read a couple years ago.

Captain Marvel 2012 Series #1

Earth's Mightiest Heroes.jpg

This story features a team up with Captain America which intrigues me as I wonder how their chemistry is with each other. This comic also features Monica Rambeau who has used the Captain Marvel title in the past. Monica Rambeau is briefly seen in the Captain Marvel movie trailer played by Lashana Lynch. I hope this series would delve into Carol Danvers and her friendship with Monica Rambeau.

Honorary Mention: A Force

A Force.jpg

A-Force is one of Marvel’s first all female Superhero groups. Captain Marvel has joined this group along with: Medusa, She-Hulk, Singularity and Dazzler. This comic has nothing to do with the new Captain Marvel movie, but I’m all about a female comic book superhero action team. It would be kind of neat if this would be able to translate to the big screen.

Based on my Captain Marvel research, these comic series were recommended for fans of the Marvel cinematic universe who don’t know much about Captain Marvel as a character. This is perfect reading material for me to prepare for the new Captain Marvel movie. After watching the trailer, I’m excited for the return of Phil Coulson, a younger Nick Fury and the fact the movie takes place in the 90’s. Thankfully I have plenty of time to read these comics so I’m prepared for the Captain Marvel release in 2019.

5 thoughts on “Captain Marvel Reading Material

  1. I really loved the trailer (especially the music that accompanied it). I’m very excited about the movie myself, and I don’t know very much about the character either, so this is a very helpful list😊


  2. I liked the look of the trailer, though have to admit I havent read much of the recent captain marvel story arc, the stuff I have read goes back about 13 years ish, from House of M where she is called Captain Marvel and is the only Superhuman in an alternate reality created by Scarlet Witch where Mutants are commonplace. That story was really good (more focusing on other characters) but it set her up for a really good arc starting off with “Best of the Best” running through to “The Best that you can be”. It explored Carol Danvers already being a hero with incredible powers but essentially being a nobody in the Marvel Universe when you compare her to Captain America, Iron Man, Fantastic 4 and Doctor Strange Etc. The arc explores her remembering a time when she was the most beloved hero of an entire planet, and then a return to relative obscurity, her dealing with that and trying to reclaim a little bit of the hero. She eventually realises “best of the best” is an unreasonable goal and decides to be that best that she can be. It has been a while since I read it, but I think a humbling encounter with spiderman and being dead for a few issues might have helped with that. Marvel comics. They’re complicated. I hope the film is half as good, and from the look of the trailer it is shaping up to be at least that if not more


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