Lili Reinhart’s Body Positive Tweets

If you follow my blog regularly you will know I have become a huge fan of the CW TV show Riverdale. It’s gritty, raw and tremendously entertaining. Lili Reinhart is an actress on the show as she plays Betty the sweet, innocent counterpart to Archie’s jock persona. I highly recommend following Lili on Twitter because her tweets are down to earth and make you wish you knew her in real life. She has been tweeting a lot about her struggles with being body positive. She’s also getting plenty of hatred from cruel fans following her account. I’m going to share these tweets with you in the form of screenshots:


Lili has been deeply personal on twitter sharing her experience with depression, anxiety and body dysphoria. Some have tweeted back at her saying because she is considered “attractive” by society’s standards of beauty she certainly can’t feel insecurity.

That’s some steaming pile of bullshit.

Lili has responded to some of these individuals as she should. She is allowed to be insecure even though you look at her body and love it. Her body is her own so her insecurities are still valid. How dare you try and invalidate that based on your own perceptions. I have also struggled with body image issues in the past, are my insecurities not valid too?.

This part of the body positive movement can be toxic. I have a friend who is extremely skinny because that’s how her body presents itself. She has been told to eat a cheeseburger or to get treatment for an eating disorder. These are also offensive statements even though my friend isn’t overweight by any means. The body positive movement needs to incorporate all body types whether they are able bodied or disabled, skinny or fat, trans or cis etc. If the body positive movement is going to purposely attack other women’s experiences, than it’s toxic and uncalled for.

Go give Lili a follow on twitter, I promise you won’t be disappointed. Everyone deserves to feel happy with their bodies and frankly if you don’t have anything nice to say, keep your damn mouth shut.



2 thoughts on “Lili Reinhart’s Body Positive Tweets

    • This is a bigger issue in the body positive movement. Denying insecurities of people with body types that are “accepted” in the world. I get that jealousy if you find someone attractive and they talk about their insecurities, I know I have felt that before. Then I check myself and say even though they are attractive their insecurities are still valid. It can be a toxic side to this movement which again I still 100% support, but Lili just happens to see the negative side of this.


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