Riverdale Season #2 is my guilty pleasure show

River Dale

Photo from Netflix

In October 2017, I wrote a blog post talking about the Archie comics based show Riverdale. Season #2 has been put on Netflix and I spent two days watching the show. Although season #2 started off mediocre, I must say the second half of the season redeemed the first half. I started typing this post with full intention of saying I would abandon Riverdale. I was wrong as I’m happily looking forward to season #3.

Riverdale picks up with Archie Andrews holding his bleeding father in his arms. Fred Andrews indeed survives his ordeal, however “The Black Hood” is stalking Riverdale citizens to rid the town of sinners. Betty Cooper gets caught up in the madness as “the Black Hood” seems to take special interest in her. Veronica Lodge has been dabbling in her father, Hiram Lodge’s affairs whether they’re legal or not. Jughead Jones attempts to gain leadership with the Southside Serpents the gang on the south side of Riverdale.







It’s revealed that Betty’s own father Hal is the man in the black hood. Betty’s grandfather murdered a family because they “sinned” leading her grandmother to instill this mythology of ridding Riverdale of sinners into Hal as a child. I wasn’t sure who to expect as the Black Hood, but I’m pleased with how this was all linked together.

Additionally, we truly see how villainous Hiram Lodge can be. This isn’t shown until the last episode when Hiram takes responsibility for everything Archie accuses him of. The final five minutes of the season finale show Archie being arrested as it’s clear Hiram planted evidence on Archie to initiate this. I am patiently waiting for the episode that shows Hiram’s downfall even though it wasn’t in this season.

One of my favorite characters this season is none other than Cheryl Blossom. Cheryl was obnoxious in season #1 which is surprising to me how I enjoyed her presence in the show. Cheryl takes ownership of her needs by seeking emancipation from her abusive witch mother. Besides being a gossip, she practices her archery which helps her shoot an arrow through Hal Cooper as he’s attacking her as the “Black Hood”. Cheryl was a bad ass this season which was not what I was expecting. Also Cheryl & Toni are the cutest lesbian couple on TV.

Now what was wrong with the first half of the season? I didn’t like where the story was going. It seemed like the group (composed of Archie, Betty, Jughead and Veronica) were going their separate ways when I really enjoy the chemistry they have together. I had to to be patient because the four of them do team up again to help save Riverdale from a gang war Hiram Lodge funded. Some story lines in this season were unbelievably corny such as Betty having to abandon her friends to save them. An honorable mention goes out to Alice Cooper for not realizing how creepy Chic was. There was a distinct reason Betty didn’t want to be in her house. Alice should have listened to her daughter because Betty was right, Chic was dangerous.

Riverdale’s current season could have been worse instead it captivated me in the last couple episodes. If you’re on the fence about this show, I get it because I was too. Season #2 did recover it’s bearings which is why I will continue with season #3 when it’s uploaded to the CW’s website. Please leave a comment if you want to discuss season #2 in more detail than this post.

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