Essence makeup: cheap, but surprisingly great quality.

I almost never blog about beauty products on this blog. Not because I don’t want to, but I don’t consider myself a “beauty guru”. I have been experimenting more with different makeup companies to try and find the best products that fit my needs. Essence is a brand I bought at Ulta solely because it was cheap and cruelty free. Cruelty free makeup is worth paying for because I don’t want animals to be harmed for me to be beautiful. Essence makeup has mostly great products if you need something cheap.

Essence Cruelty Free.png

I personally have tried two of Essence makeup’s products. The lipstick I tried was “Around the Rosie” which is a bright pink shade. The lipstick doesn’t last long. If I were to get a pint with a friend, the lipstick would be all over the glass. It’s perfect for work when I just want to look pretty, but wouldn’t work for a girl’s night out. I don’t mean to make that sound negative, I don’t mind having to reapply lipstick. I don’t need a lipstick lasting a full 24 hours. Again, my needs might be different than someone else’s so if long lasting lipstick is what you’re looking for, Essence might not be right for you.

The other product I tried was mascara. I tried the “I Love Extreme Volume” mascara tube. It personally wasn’t all that bad of a product. However, I find that it leaves flakes under my eyes. I sometimes will go into the bathroom at work and see I have dark black dots underneath my eyes. I know it’s not my eyeliner because I have used the mascara without eye liner and those flakes still appear. I’m not sure if I would actually recommend this mascara because I have used other brands and I’m more impressed with their products.

Overall, Essence makeup is a great cheap alternative to vegan and cruelty free makeup. I want to eventually convert all my beauty products to cruelty free. I would love any other suggestions for cruelty free makeup brands to try. Let me know some that you use in the comments.

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