Arrow; Why I’m Done Watching this Show.


The TV show Arrow has a special place in my heart because it reminds me of my freshman year of college. I would watch the episode the day after at my desk in my tiny dorm room with some headphones on. I was a HUGE fan of Arrow back when season #1 aired. Season #2 is still my all time favorite season because of Deathstroke. Unfortunately, I really think the quality of Arrow has gone down to the point where I’m done watching this show. I wanted to rant about it in one blog post and maybe there are other disappointed DC fans like myself.

One problem I have with this current season on Arrow is the lack of a cohesive team. What worked with Arrow was the team and how they worked together. Now that White Canary is on Legends of Tomorrow, Laurel is dead *not really though..?* and Wild Dog has split off to form his own tribe, Team Arrow isn’t the same.

I also feel the writing on Arrow is not that great. If I were to re-watch Arrow, I bet I can find a lot of characters who didn’t have a proper story line. The one character arc I can think of at the top of my head is the Huntress. She could have been great if she was written better in the series.

It pains me to stop watching the show, but it honestly hasn’t been enjoyable to even watch it week to week. Why am I wasting my time watching a show I don’t really like when there’s so many good TV shows to watch!? I will admit I do still like the Flash, but that’s the only CW DC superhero show I still watch.

Who else is fed up with Arrow? If you’re still a fan, make me a case in the comments on why I need to keep watching other than Stephen Amell being the nicest person in the entire world.


7 thoughts on “Arrow; Why I’m Done Watching this Show.

  1. I have to say I still enjoy Arrow. I didn’t think I was going to as the first three episodes put me off (they were cheesy and had Oliver narrating because he had no one to talk to – then Diggle joined the team and the narration was restricted to episode intros and it got better). Series two was by far the best series, because Deathstroke. But Deathstroke also had a fantastic character arc aside from being monumentally powerful. Series 3 was a bit of a let down. It felt like they were really trying to do Flash/Arrow crossovers as often as they could, which is fine but some of them actually made no sense. However, it really hit bottom for me in S4 when they introduced magic. Something about that series just was bad. After that series, I liked S5 as we got full circle with Lian Yu (and I loved that), and whilst S6 hasn’t been mind blowing, I have still enjoyed it. I wonder if you perhaps didn’t stumble on the reason it is weaker (though I don’t think bad) and it is entirely to do with the fact that he has a team. I was talking to a friend recently, who has also soured on Arrow but also on DC outside of graphic novels in General (He hates the movie universe more than I do) He said to me that he has the DC and the Marvel encyclopaedias and that if he opened Marvel one on any page you would have a unique character with a story. If he picked up the DC one, there would be a dozen flashes, any number of members of the Bat Family, Arrow family, dozens of lanterns and so on. DC has some very strong ideas, but then they build up families of characters around the figurehead, many of whom with similar powers, approaches and stories, and they milk the franchise and unfortunately it is rare that the support family measures up.
    I actually like the team fracture plot as it is an evolution of the fact that Oliver is one of those folks who carries all the responsibility and is angry at everyone as a defence against his own pain. In previous series, Diggle and Felicity serve as a foil for him. Now they are equal and Oliver listens to them, there needed to be some folks to disagree with him and their split is the innevitable outcome. I can’t make a case for you to watch it, I cannot say I had noticed huge drops in quality, and besides taste is deeply personal. I’ll continue to watch. I’ll miss the flashbacks, and I’ll hope for just Green Arrow, Spartan and Overwatch, but so long as they don’t pull a stinker I’ll continue to watch until it finishes. And breathe.


    • Very nice and detailed reply, I like it! I actually like Arrow’s team when it consisted of the Black Canary (Sara Lance), Oliver Queen, Felicity and Diggle. To me that was the prime team because the chemistry worked so well. I just don’t necessarily like the splitting of teams between Oliver and Curtis’s team. I get where your friend is coming from as in the DC Universe operates more in teams versus the Marvel Universe. I personally like the families as in the Batman Family with Nightwing and Batgirl, but to each their own. I may watch the remaining episodes in the summer as that happens to be a major binge watching time for me in TV. The magic stuff I agree really sucked and Damien Dahrk was a really disappointing villain. Thanks for your thoughts John!


      • You’re welcome. I think I actually liked when Laurel was Black Canary as she wasn’t very good at it and it showed but that was a good foil for Oliver but also you got to see her become good and then have the heroic death. I think my friend almost exempts batman from his dislike because he loves the villains. And I agree they are some of the finest DC villains


      • I completely forgot wild cat. Yes that was abandoned but despite that I liked her arc. Actually I wasn’t meaning to say DC villains are better. I think specifically batman villains are better. But I would need to actually have a think about marvel v DC. I think Marvel would win I the end as I tend to prefer it but I would have to think about it


  2. Great article! I am for the most part caught up on all the other DC superhero shows on the CW with the exception of Arrow. Every summer, I tell myself I’ll finally catch up with this show. I’m in the middle of season four. I recently watched a few episodes, but I feel like I’ve lost interest at this point. Which is annoying cause I’m pretty much caught up on the other DC series, lol. I hear season four isn’t one of the better ones, maybe that’s why.


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