Fall Tag

Anyone from the Midwest knows that Winter is coming. Fall is my favorite season and always goes by way too fast. I was doing my annual blog reading and found this cute Fall tag from The Blended Blog. I haven’t done a blog tag on here in a little while so here are my fall themed questions and answers. Feel free to do this tag on your blog and link it in the comments.

Teddy Bear Park

Favorite Fall Sweet Treat

This isn’t really a “Fall Sweet Treat”, but I love going to a local coffee shop during the Fall season. Walking outside and seeing the leaves change with a hot cup of coffee in your hands is bliss.

Red, Yellow or Green Apples?

Yellow if I’m looking for a sweet apple, green if I’m doing baking and Red apples to take with me for my lunch at work.


Favorite Fall Sport to Play?

I don’t play sports, but I love to go on long Fall walks before it gets chilly.

Must Have Fall Purchase?

This season I bought a new plaid shirt to wear. I ordered a size up because I love having it fit loosely on me. Also I like to buy longer cardigans. They are a great way to make my geek t-shirts more fashion forward.


Pumpkins Pick Your Own or Store Bought

Store bought this year. Living in the cities, there isn’t really a great place nearby to go pick a pumpkin. My college town had at least 3 orchards with apples and pumpkins.

Real of Fake Pumpkins

Real pumpkins to carve, fake pumpkins for home decoration.

Favorite Halloween Costume

I was Waldo this year, but my favorite Halloween Costume is Robin.

College Football or NFL? Neither. I am not a fan of Football.

Fall or Halloween Decor

Halloween Decor of course. We are still using my Halloween hand towels in the kitchen.

Raking or No Leaves to Rake

No leaves to rake sadly.

Favorite Soup

Chicken Wild Rice Soup!!

Fall Candle Scent

I have 2 pumpkin spice candles at my apartment right now. Clearly, that’s the best fall scent.

Love or Hate Pumpkin Spice

Love the Pumpkin smell in candles, hate the pumpkin spice lattes.

Short or Tall Boots

Both! I love short ankle boots with a slight heel. Tall boots if there’s a slight snow fall on the ground. Also rain boots are needed where I live. They are perfect for the rain and the snow.

Favorite Halloween Candy

I used to love Halloween candy, but now I look at all the candy I put in my freezer, and none of it sounds appealing to me. I will say Pretzel M&M’s are my downfall. I don’t buy them because they are too tempting for me to eat.

Pumpkin Spice Latte Yes or No

Hell no. I like my coffee black with almost little flavor in it. Pumpkin to me is too sweet in coffee. I like black coffee with some coconut milk in it.

Hayride or Corn Maze 

Neither, Haunted Houses are always fun along with an apple orchard.

Favorite Fall TV Show

I don’t have a Fall themed TV show I watch every year. I usually just watch my usual Fall TV which is Arrow, The Flash and Riverdale. 

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