Moving Out! + Stress About Money

This blog may get neglected over the past week because I just signed a lease to move out of my mom’s place into an apartment with my boyfriend! We toured the place yesterday and we both knew this would be a good place to start out. Cat rent is only an extra $15 a month and we get a small balcony. By December I’m hoping to rescue an older kitty from the Humane Society to pet after I get home from work. A couple hours after signing the lease, I got a little worried about money.

After my road trip in June, I was adding on to my savings after dipping into it a little bit for gas and fun activities. Since my last paycheck, my savings is the highest it has ever been which I’m extremely proud of. I also have to compete with once a month a withdrawal from my savings for my life insurance and Roth IRA. I know these withdrawals are going to be great for my future, but I still get nervous seeing money exit my savings account.

My boyfriend has been trying to calm my fears by saying if anything were to happen, he would have money to help me out. Maybe I’m stubborn, but I detest the feeling of relying on someone else. However, I trust myself in the sense that I am a hard worker. I make commission at work, and if I work hard them my commission will reflect that.

Even though I’m stressing about money, I need to start switching my focus to the positive. I won’t owe any debt from my college education nor do I have credit card debt to pay off. This means that I can fully focus on adding money to my savings each month. Plus me and my family have talked about a Orlando Harry Potter World trip next February and I’m determined to save for this trip.

7 thoughts on “Moving Out! + Stress About Money

  1. Moving and having savings can be so stressful. Yu have a good head on your shoulders and work hard. Being independent is a huge step. So much kudos for taking that leap and having people to support you. Wishing you the best of luck and everything will turn out fine!! 😀


  2. Congrats on the new place! Money stress can be such a downer, but I do think it’s great that you’re actually thinking about it and being responsible with your money! That’s awesome! There is nothing wrong with wanting to be independent with your money either. 🙂


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