“You Have Failed This City” Arrow Season #5

My fourth post in “Bizarre Brunette Binges” spotlights another DC superhero TV show. Arrow was the first DC superhero show to air on the CW in 2012 during my freshman year of college. I already briefly explained how I became hooked on Arrow in my Flash Season 3 Review, but I have yet to watch the current seasons of Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl. The boyfriend couldn’t stop talking about the Arrow season finale so I made watching Arrow a priority. My all time favorite season of Arrow was season #2 with Deathstroke and so far the most recent seasons of Arrow couldn’t top season #2. However, this season was epic and I’m still shocked about the season finale.

Wild Dog

Photo by Screen Rant 

Season #5 starts with Oliver Queen attempting to assemble a new team after Thea and Diggle quit. Laurel died in the last season and her void means there needs to be another Black Canary. At first I was skeptical of new team members as I was attached to the old team. The new crew includes Curtis the tech genius, Wild Dog the rebel, Evelyn the one obsessed with revenge and Rory the survivor of the nuclear attack Damien Darhk launched. Wild Dog is someone who I originally despised, but after learning his back story and how he connects with Quentin throughout the season, I really think he adds to the Arrow team.

While Oliver is recruiting team members, Star City is being plagued with a series of murders by an archer titled Prometheus. He is specifically targeting Oliver and reminding him of his past. The season revolves around uncovering Prometheus’s identity and reminding Oliver why he became the Green Arrow.

The reason why I rave about season #2 so much is because Slade Wilson was terrifying. Oliver felt his family was constantly unsafe because Slade killed his mother so his sister could have been next. Slade with the mirakiru became a formidable enemy for Oliver to fight and the back story of how Slade evolved into Deathstroke was told brilliantly. I will say Adrian Chase who is Prometheus is as horrifying as Slade Wilson which I wasn’t expecting.

Lian Yu Season 5 Arrow Photo by IGN

Photo by IGN

Let’s talk about that season finale though, how did the Arrow characters make it off the island? Adrian Chase kills himself in the last moments of the season finale triggering the explosion of all the bombs on the island. Except all of Team Arrow and everyone Oliver cares about is still on the island. I don’t believe all of them were killed off, but the boyfriend has a theory where Cisco vived them off the island. I’m certain with the combined intelligence of Curtis and Felicity, they probably came up with some escape plan we don’t know about. Regardless, October cannot come around fast enough.

Arrow is my favorite DC superhero TV show. It has some fantastic seasons and some mediocre seasons, but Green Arrow is getting the TV show he deserves. My ultimate wish is for Green Arrow to appear in the Justice League movie coming out in November, but sadly, Green Arrow is only for our TV screens.




4 thoughts on ““You Have Failed This City” Arrow Season #5

  1. Arrow is probably my favourite TV show at the minute, despite a weaker season 3 and a poor season 4. It was good to see the show returning to its stride in Season 5, I personally couldn’t get enough of it. I ws happy to see the return of Deathstroke, and not as a villain this time round. I like Manu Bennet as an actor, and really liked the friendship the 2 had in the early series, and how it evolved. I also liked the show’s captain boomerang, as I like that actor (cannot recall his name but also from Spartacus, same as Bennet). The Vibe theory for escape is possible but, it would need to be handled properly. They did something similar with the Flash Showing up randomly to rescue in season 3, which felt contrived. Am really looking forward to this year’s run as Supergirl is now on CW (I am told) meaning they can coordinate their crossovers more easily. Great series. great post.


    • Thanks! I wasn’t expecting the show’s creators to explain that the Mirakuru wore off so Slade was Oliver’s friend again. I really enjoyed their relationship as friends in season #2. This season rocked!


  2. As with so many things, I am really behind on watching tv series. I love Arrow, but the last season I have seen was season 3. So yeah, still a lot to catch up on. I find it funny how Marvel still runs the big screen, but I find DC really owns the small screen. Marvel certainly has a few fun tv series like Daredevil and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, but DC has the best ones. Really enjoyed reading your review, it’s time to catch up 😊


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