MSP Comic Con 2017

[Image is a convention poster / flier. It says "Brought to you by the All-Volunteer Midwest Comic Book Association MSP ComiCon 2017" Below the typing, there is an image of the "MCBA" logo along with a female character in a superhero outfit. Her shadow is shown behind her. At the bottom of the flier, it says "May 20th and May 21st 2017 1 AM - 6 PM 10 AM - 5 PM Sunday".

The 2017 convention season has begun since last weekend I attended my first con of the season. MSP ComiCon is run by volunteers which is pretty impressive. I always sit with the Twin Cities Geek table so I am considered an exhibitor at the convention. I have never paid to get into this con and I get free lunch that’s cooked by the volunteers for this con. This con is one of my favorites and I always meet new creators each time I attend. I made sure to bring cash with me and I wanted to show off the comics and books I purchased.

Kim & Kim #1 by Black Mask Studios

[Image is a comic book cover. The title says "Kim & Kim" It shows two women close together with a boy in the center with tentacles for arms]

Kim & Kim details the story of two young women who hijack some bounties and get into trouble. This comic emphasizes powerful female relationships while taking place in this punk rock, sci-fi adventure.

Lake Lurkers by M.P. Johnson

[Image is a book cover. It says "Lake Lurkers MP Johnson" and the cover is an enhanced image of monster's mouth open wide]

Lake Lurkers is a horror novella about creatures living in Lake Harriet which is located in Minneapolis. I have been trying to read more horror and I like how this takes place in areas around Minneapolis. I can’t wait to read this.

Big in Japan by Timothy Price

[Image is a book cover called Big in Japan by Timothy Price.]

What would happen if a rock star/band traveled to Japan to fight a Godzilla-like creature? Once I read this book, I’ll let you know how it turns out. My first impression of this book is imagining Led Zeppelin battling with the Kaiju from Pacific Rim. This seems like a cool premise for a book.

RoboCatz vs. Thunder Dogs by Justin Cermak

[Image is a comic cover. It says RoboCatz vs. Thunder Dogs"

Robot dogs are destroying robot cats and vice versa in this epic comic. I am rooting for the robot cats of course.

H.E.N.C.H (Helping Evil Nefarious Criminals Hire) by James Person & Chad Freund

[Image is a comic book cover. The title says "H.E.N.C.H" and the cover appears to be a file of some sort]

Supervillains usually always lose against the heroes, so how about trying to hire villains for other job positions. I’m doing a terrible job explaining this comic because it’s more interesting than how I’m describing it out to be. I am linking the H.E.N.C.H. Facebook page so you can learn more yourself.

That is everything I purchased from MSP ComiCon this year. I am actually slightly overwhelmed by all the comics I have yet to read, but I know I will get around to reading everything eventually.

8 thoughts on “MSP Comic Con 2017

  1. Um, lucky!! I’d love to get into a con for free, very cool. Awesome haul! I’m still pretty new to comics and haven’t heard of most of these, but I’m definitely interested in a few of them. And I second Smudge as a crazy adorable cat name ❤️


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