Daring and Whimsical; Marked for the Hunt

*Trigger Warning: attempted sexual assault in the book and graphic violence.*

Marked for the Hunt.jpg

Image from Leah’s writing blog: Leah Corrine Writes

I first met Leah Chiasson on the Geek Girl Bloggers Facebook page. Leah is passionate about creating a world for readers to be immersed in. That sparked her into writing Marked for the Hunt; an urban fantasy novel about a werewolf clan fighting for the right to be the clan Alpha. Marked for the Hunt was the first book I ever read on the Kindle. To be honest I hate using the kindle to read books, but I still adored Marked for the Hunt. 

Diana Warren is called back to her forestry hometown of Maine when her grandfather passes. A civil war is brewing in the clan over the fight of the Clan Alpha position. Jonathon is a monstrous werewolf that believes wolves should embrace their evil nature while his son Darren wants to protect the clan and not savagely destroy humans nearby. Diana joins forces with Darren since Diana has a deep hatred of Jonathon though I won’t name why. Violence escalates as Diana will do nothing but to stop Jonathon and his  followers.

Leah does a great job with creating imagery in her sentences. I have a clear description in my mind of Balefire which is a family owned woodsy restaurant, the town square and the characters. Marked for the Hunt is also realistic when describing how werewolves behave. Werewolves are vicious creatures and some of the fight scenes detailed in the book are gruesome hence the trigger warning at the top of this post. I personally enjoyed the fight scenes because war is terrible and shouldn’t be downplayed in books; however, that’s my personal opinion.

My biggest complaint is the grammatical errors in this book. Leah did self publish this book which I have a lot of respect for. Knowing that this book is self published explains the errors and I offer more forgiveness to the book. If I were to self publish, I know I would have had way more errors in my book. Leah is aware of the errors and is working on catching them all.

Leah is an author just starting out so the best way to support her is to buy her book! I believe I only paid $3-4 which is super cheap! Her book can be found on amazon and it’s available in paperback which I recommend versus the kindle, but that’s my preference. Go buy the book and make sure to write a review too.

13 thoughts on “Daring and Whimsical; Marked for the Hunt

  1. Once I finally get stuff on Amazon, i’ll need to remember and give you a shout…good review, I will take a peek when I get a chance, at the book and Leah’s Blog


  2. I’m so blown away by the fact the Leah wrote and published such an awesome book! Her imagery really was fantastic and I can’t wait for more of her story. The grammatical errors did bother me a bit too since I’m such a stickler for grammar, but that’s definitely to be expected with self-published stuff. Great review, girly!

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