Cruelty Free; Kat Von D Review!

Let’s be honest, my makeup skills are sub par. I can apply mascara and lipstick with ease, but contouring goes over my head. However, one of my New Year Quests was to convert to cruelty free beauty products and Kat Von D was a brand I had been eyeing for quite some time. President’s Day I browsed the website and noticed the free shipping coupon at the top of the page. I purchased the immortal lash mascara and the everlasting liquid lipstick in the shade Bow n Arrow. After using these products for a week now, I can say it’s worth it to pay a couple bucks more for these products. Kat Von D makeup is one of my favorite makeup brands I have ever used.



My first initial impression of the mascara was it washes off well. I took a shower and normally my mascara turns me into Rocket the Raccoon. This mascara washed off without leaving black stains under my eyes. Surprisingly, I didn’t even wake up with mascara particles the next morning. This mascara is easily washed off, but also lasts all day. I wear mascara to my internship and I worked out with the mascara still on. After a super sweaty 30 minute cardio session, my lashes still look the same as when I applied the mascara this morning. I also took a nap and my lashes still looked voluminous. This mascara didn’t clump my lashes which most drug store mascara brands do. I was certainly impressed with this mascara, but I’m open to trying other cruelty free products. I’m thinking about purchasing Better Than Sex Mascara next.

Kat Von D Lipstick.jpg

Now onto the Bow n Arrow liquid lipstick. The liquid lipstick is perhaps my favorite lip product I have ever tried. I decided to test the Bow n Arrow shade before wearing it to my internship because I was looking for a lip color that was more nude. It’s a little too dark brown for me to want to wear to work, but I love the shade. This liquid lipstick doesn’t dry out my lips and provides a lot of color. I also drank my cups of coffee plus drinking out of my water bottle and there were no marks on my cup. I actually had to use a makeup remover pad to get this lipstick off which is not what I’m used to. Most of my liquid lipsticks last about two hours and I have to reapply. I didn’t have to reapply with this product.

Kat Von D creates awesome makeup products that I can’t recommend enough. The mascara is a good quality product and I’m probably going to purchase other shades of the liquid lipstick. I learned that animals don’t have to be harmed in the creation of makeup because there are so many companies switching to cruelty free.

What other cruelty free brands of beauty products do you use? I always am looking for recommendations.



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