Saving Money; My Hidden Superpower

Money is a sensitive topic to discuss among friendships and relationships. I have never been shy about discussing money because it’s an extremely important conversation to have. I like to call myself a super saver with money because I’m consciously moving money into my savings for every pay check. Any time I have to move money out of my savings to my checking gives me mild anxiety. Even if I know I have more than enough to cover whatever I need, I still get nervous and my palms get sweaty. With this post, I wanted to give out tips on how to save for a big trip, that nice shopping spree or how to pay off that car payment.

Coin Jars are your BFF 

Hello Kitty Coin Jar.jpg

Isn’t she cute!? 

True story. At my coffee shop I get tips that often are coins. I have been able to turn those in for $100 or at the most $120. Saving your coins is a great way to over time turn that into extra cash. You can also get a fun coin jar or decorate a mason jar. I have a Hello Kitty bank my friend gave me and it’s super cute.

Figure out a percent of your paycheck that will go to savings. 

After each paycheck, figure out what you can afford to put in your savings. I usually aim for 10% of my paycheck in savings which ultimately is around $20. That adds up over time too. Plus the more you make per paycheck, the more can be moved into savings.

Organize Your Debt + Come Up with a Payment Plan

This is probably the most stressful tip, but it will help you in the long run. Right now I owe on my credit card for a doctor’s trip and car payments are starting next month. Organizing what I owe allows me to come up with a payment plan. The debt will seem a lot less scary if you get yourself on a plan of action. Like Batman for example, does he ever not have a plan? Nope. So you need one too.

Find Your Downfall & Compromise 

My last tip is find your vice when it comes to spending. I love clothes shopping, but I also love buying comics and books. SO MANY BOOKS 🙂 I compromise with myself though. I’m trying to do more thrift shopping and I have been using my local library for something new to read. Analyze your spending happens and come to an agreement so you won’t let spending get out of control.

Saving money will always be beneficial and it’s a good technique to learn early on. These tips helped me become organized and get my shit together. Let me know in the comments other ideas to help save money!


7 thoughts on “Saving Money; My Hidden Superpower

  1. This is awesome! My husband and I just started doing this savings plan where whenever we go out and buy something we get $5 cash back. It doesn’t seem like a lot, but it really makes you think about stopping to get that coffee when you know you will have to add 5 bucks on top of it! In the three weeks since we have started doing it we have saved $110! Crazy to think that all that cash was going to little things here and there.


  2. Excellent tips! We too save all coins (even the pennies!) and a percentage of paychecks go into savings. We’re stilling working on paying off the credit card though. Our kitty had a pretty awful year in 2013 and needed a total of three surgeries….which we are still paying off. Vets are freaking expensive! Sounds like you’re doing awesome with money saving, well done!!


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