Geek Girl Bloggers Funko Pop Swap!

Happy 2017! This year I’m hoping will bring more happiness and fun memories (I’m graduating college this May AHH!) I wanted to write about a secret santa/swap with some really awesome geek ladies from the Geek Girl Bloggers Facebook Group. We all seem to adore Pop Funko figures so we created a Christmas holiday swap. My partner was Katy Rochelle from Oh So Geeky. Below was the Funko I received:

Hermione Granger aka my favorite female character of all time!


I don’t own any of the Harry Potter Funko figures before so I basically said I wanted any of them. She’s so cute in her neat robes holding her wand steady by her side. To make things cooler, Katy said she bought it at Harry Potter world! My Harry Potter Funko basically came from Hogwarts itself (no big deal or anything).

I’m really glad I participated in this swap as it felt like I received an additional present this year. I’m slowly adding on to my Harry Potter collection one toy at a time.

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