Nerd Out *Goodies*

In June I  wrote a blog post about becoming a contributor for Nerd Out. I won’t go into what Nerd Out is because I already did that, but here’s the link to that post: Becoming a Nerd Out Contributor. After officially becoming a part of Nerd Out, I was sent awesome collectibles since then that I wanted to share. Free stuff is appreciated for this college student.


My absolute favorite thing I opened up was my  Deathly Hallows t-shirt. I didn’t previously have a Deathly Hallows t-shirt, but I have always wanted one. Unfortunately, it does fit a little tight, but the more I wear it and stretch it out the better it fits. I’m a little nervous to wash it because I really don’t want the shirt to shrink.

The nail art is also perfect for me because I bite my nails. It’s a really disgusting habit, but I have tried numerous times to quit and nothing has worked.

The above art is a nice bonus too. I turned over the art and it’s advertising a new subscription box that’s geared to geek fangirls which might be interesting to try in the future.

Finally, I found a Batman v. Superman mystery blind box. I never buy blind boxes because I usually want only one character and I don’t want to take the chance of getting something I don’t want. I was hoping to pull Wonder Woman or Batman, but I was super disappointed I got Lex. I think Lex is easily one of the weakest parts of that movie so I feel mediocre about having him.

Aside from Lex, I really like all of my prizes. If you want to be a contributor to Nerd Out, leave a comment. It’s easy to join and even easier to submit events. Plus free stuff? Everyone loves free stuff especially if it’s geeky.

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