Kiki’s Delivery Service Cutest Accessories

Prior to last Thursday, I had never seen any Studio Ghibli film. Since my best friend at college knows how much I adore cats, she thought watching Kiki’s Delivery Service would be a great place to dip my feet into the world of Hayao Miyazaki. Let me just say that I loved this movie! It was super cute and I’m jealous that Kiki has a talking cat. Why can’t cats talk and why can’t I have one? The world is unfair. Anyway, since my obsession has risen with this movie, I wanted to go to Pinterest and I found so many cute items from this adorable movie that I wanted to share on my blog today.

Jiji Socks!

Kikis Delivery Service Socks.jpg

*Socks from Sakura Rainbow*

These socks!! I love fun patterned socks and I wear them all the time to the gym. So it’s fun to be able to show off my fandoms while I’m exercising. Jiji is probably one of my favorite character’s from the movie because cats.

 Jiji Tank Top from LinKitty Etsy Shop 

Kiki's Delivery Service Tank Top.jpg

*photo from Linkitty etsy shop*

My favorite way to wear any geeky shirt is with a cardigan. Especially in the Minnesota winter’s coming up, tank tops make for great layering. Why not show off my love of cats with this super sweet tank top?

Jiji & Broom Necklace

Kiki's Delivery Service Necklace.jpg

*photo by NerdyLittleSecrets etsy shop*

I’m sorry (not sorry) about all this Jiji merchandise I’m sharing. Actually when going on this hunt all across the internet, most of the merchandise is Jiji. This kitty really steals the show!

Let me know what’s your favorite Studio Ghibli movie is in the comment box below.

16 thoughts on “Kiki’s Delivery Service Cutest Accessories

  1. Oh man I still haven’t seen this one and I really need to. The only Studio Ghibli I’ve seen so far is Spirited Away and I loved it so I’m certain I’ll love this one. That tank is so cute!


  2. Welcome the world of Ghibli. As I already mentioned in our group, you should definitely watch them all 😉 I grew up watching Totoro, so that one will always have a place in my heart. Castle in the Sky is a personal favorite (I feel it’s underrated), but it’s hard to say favorite cause I love them all. Spirited Away and Howl’s Moving Castle are both great too…and Princess Mononoke 🙂


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