October Goals; Podcast Watching & Billie Piper’s Amazing Signature

I’m a goal-oriented person. I find goals are an organized way to improve myself or improve my life in some way. Normally, the goals that I set are often personal, but I decided to change that philosophy and share my goals on my blog. Some will definitely be geek-oriented, but others are more particular to my daily life. Here are my goals for the wonderful month of October.

  1. Pass the American College of Sports Medicine Personal Trainer Certification Test 

This is probably the goal I’m most nervous about. The test itself is $300 and retakes are $150. I have been studying every day since the end of August and I feel like I’m understanding the information, but I still have no idea how this will go. If I pass that would be a huge weight lifted off my back. In 2013 when I switched my major to Exercise Science, I was unsure about what my career path would be. Flash forward to now I have found my passion in personal training. Passing this test would bring me a step closer to achieving my dream career.

2. Listen to 3 episodes of 3 different podcasts. 

I have never really gotten into podcasts. I haven’t found any that I really enjoy so if you have recommendations, let me know. I feel like I’m missing out though by not keeping up with podcasts, so that’s going to change next month.

Panels for Pizza.jpg
New podcast to watch! *image is taken from Podcast for Pizza Facebook Page*

3. Turn off my phone while I’m at school/work and only scroll for 5 minutes at one time. 

At first, I was going to type “Use my phone less” but what does that mean? That’s a goal that can’t be measured, so how would I know if I could cross this off my list? So I changed it by making sure my phone is off most of the day and adding a time limit. I waste so much time being bored and scrolling through Instagram when instead I could watch an episode of Grimm or read a chapter in my book. I love Instagram, but I need a break. Starting in October I’m going to consistently try to use my phone less.

4. Hang My Convergence Art plus Billie Piper’s signature 

I bought amazing pieces from James Powell’s art at Convergence this summer. Have I hung it in my room somewhere? Nope. I see my art laying perfectly on my end table, but I haven’t done anything with it. I also have a poster of Billie Piper with her signature on it that my boyfriend bought for me as a gift. It’s still sitting up right against my book shelf. Rose is one of my favorite companions and the one who got me into Doctor Who in the first place, so her character means a lot to me.

5. Read Two Complete Books *graphic novels included* 

6. Binge Watch the Luke Cage Series on Netflix. 

Feel free to post podcast recommendations in the comments below, but I’m excited to track my progress with my goals in October.

6 thoughts on “October Goals; Podcast Watching & Billie Piper’s Amazing Signature

  1. Great goals, best of luck with them! I also think giving your phone goal a specific parameter is a great idea – like you said, “Using my phone less” is a good goal, but really hard to track and quantify at the end of the month!


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