Pokemon Go Book Tag!

I actually suck a book tags. No, really. I don’t actually get “tagged” to do book tags, I just like the concept and write about it. I saw this one on My Open Sketchbook and just thought it was the cutest thing. So without further ado, here is my Pokemon Go Book Tag that I wasn’t even invited for, but still participated none the less.

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Junie B Jones.jpg

At first, I was going to answer the Harry Potter book series. When I got to thinking though, I realized I was reading before the Harry Potter book series came out. I first read Junie B. Jones and really identified with her. She’s very quirky and outspoken which is what made her a great character. When I was reading this book, I’m still disgusted that she poured Orange Juice in her cereal.

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Dracula Book Cover

When I was a junior in high school, I took a Detective & Gothic Literature class. I was exposed to a new genre of reading that I never knew about. I didn’t enjoy ever novel I read, *Maltese Falcon I’m looking at you* Dracula though stuck with me. I liked the characters and how they were on a quest to stop Dracula. I purchased my own copy that I need to re-read sometime.



Zubat Pokemon Tag.jpg

Gone Girl.jpg

I have never read this book and I probably never will. I heard about this book and how thrilling it was, but I ended up seeing the movie and it spoiled the book for me obviously. I did read Gillian Flynn’s other novels and they are truly horrifying. I recommend them, but I have to give a warning too because they really aren’t for the squeamish.


Pokemon Book Tag.jpg

Zodiac Starforce.jpg

Zodiac Starforce is one of my favorite graphic novels I have read this year, and it fits into this category. It reminds me a lot of Sailor Moon. Each of the magical girls are regular students, they transform into their powers and so forth. Sailor Moon and Zodiac Starforce are very similar, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love one any less.



This isn’t a book series, I know. I have wanted to read this Stephen King book, but it’s so long. It would take me a very long time to finally finish this book and I just don’t want to read it. I know I should because I probably would enjoy it, but….. blah. I have so many other things to read right now.


Harry Potter Cursed Child

I stayed up till 1:30 AM finishing this play and I was happy I did. It was heartbreaking, but I love that the play focuses on time. Hermione always said, “Bad things happen to wizards who meddle with time, Harry” Now we know why this is the case. Not that I didn’t believe Hermione or anything.



I always shipped Megan and David. I thought they were perfect together. With her sarcastic personality and his love for her, I mean could they just get together? If you have read the series, things are complicated.. but I still ship them.



I won’t talk too much about Nailbiter because I wrote a review on it already. Again if you like Criminal Minds, this graphic novel is definitely for you.


I couldn’t relate this question to books. The first thing that popped into my head were the DC TV shows on the CW which of course isn’t book related. I love everything DC on the CW so I definitely won’t get tired of seeing new TV shows airing, like Supergirl which will probably be a lot better on the CW versus CBS.


Luckiest Girl Alive

At first, I thought I was going to hate this book. The main character is prissy, stuck up and an overall mean girl. However, once the reader learns about her past and what makes her who she is, I start to sympathize. Towards the end, she really becomes a much better person and for once does something for herself. I wound up really liking this book and the character development is really great.

There’s my Pokemon Book Tag! I edited out a lot of the questions because this post felt a little bit long and I have homework to do 😦 Thanks for reading my book tag and let me know what you have been reading lately!


8 thoughts on “Pokemon Go Book Tag!

  1. This book tag is fun even throug in terrible at book tags ha! Currently just started reading American Gods and really enjoying it 🙂


  2. Oh crap….I now have a sudden urge to try orange juice and cherrios. At this moment is sounds oddly awesome and gross at the same time. >,> Hehe. Also, still not sure how I feel about the new Harry Potter play/book. I don’t think I cared for it as much, perhaps because of the play form? It didn’t feel Harry Potter-ish to me…like it was lacking


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