Podcasts, Shopping and Tabletop Gaming

As the title suggests, last week was busy with new projects and fun adventures. I got together with a couple of geeky ladies to record a podcast about Mario/Nintendo, I went shopping with my aunt and I played some new board games that I really enjoyed.

Fandom Friday Podcast 


Kayla over at Epicfied does a daily segment on her blog titled Fandom Friday Q&A. She sends bloggers questions about a fandom and we answer them. She does one final post that sums up every blogger and their answers. My answers to the Harry Potter fandom are included in one of her posts. Anyway, Kayla had the brilliant idea to turn this into a podcast. She got together a couple geeky ladies including myself to make our first podcast. Yesterday, we brought out our gaming headphones and discussed old school Nintendo. If you would like to see my awesome & awkward self check out the live stream on Twitch.

I had a lot of fun making this podcast and I’m so glad that I was included in the stream.

Nintendo Stream

Shopping Time 

On Friday, I went on a shopping trip with my aunt aka. my mom’s sister. I love fashion and personal style so much. I was considering adding another category to my blog that’s all about geek fashion and expressing style. Anyway, I was on the prowl for jackets because I don’t really have a fashionable jacket besides my winter coat. I got lucky because I found an olive military jacket and a denim longer jacket. I can’t wait till it gets colder so I can wear them!

Additionally, I have some money left over which I’m going to save for more cardigans and colored denim because I love having color in my closet.

Tabletop Gaming

Saturday me and my brother drove to my uncle’s house to play board games. My uncle is super cool because he’s into D&D, Magic the Gathering and more. I got to try out Eldrich Moon which is the newest Magic the Gathering set. My brother brought over a couple board games including Shadow Hunters. I don’t want to talk too much about the game because I want to make a separate post about my review. It was super fun and quick though and I’m glad I got to play it.

If anyone is a podcast expert, I would love your hints so leave those in the comments. Also I am always looking for new tabletop games to try so leave those in the comments too! 🙂

5 thoughts on “Podcasts, Shopping and Tabletop Gaming

  1. You know what makes this even more perfect? Molly and I were talking about making D&D one of the topics for another podcast. Yessssss. God, I love D&D. It’s just so great. ❤
    I used to be huge into table top games. Not so much anymore. I just never play them anymore ):


  2. Doing the podcast with you guys was so much fun 🙂 It was so great getting to know you all a little better (and getting to see your kitty) I hope you managed to get some packing done ❤


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