Suicide Squad Merch *Wish List*

To say that I’m pumped for Suicide Squad is an understatement. I love Harley Quinn so much! She’s one of my favorite villains in the Batman/DC Universe because of her unique backstory and her relationship with the Joker. At first I hated Harley Quinn’s look. I thought it was too sexualized for a super hero villain movie and I didn’t like her blue pig tails. However, after further release of trailers I have started to warm up to her. Anyway, I did some browsing and I wanted to list my favorite Suicide Squad merchandise that’s totally on my wishlist besides seeing the movie this weekend

Harley Quinn Pop Funko

Harley Quinn funko.jpg


I have the Batman Arkham Asylum Harley Quinn pop figure so I feel like this would really fit in with my collection. I love that Suicide Squad will look at her back story and how she and the Joker got together.

Suicide Squad Blind Boxes

Suicide Squad Blind Box

Of course I want the Harley one, but I also was eyeing Enchantress and the Joker too. Also Katana because I want all of the female characters. On the midtown comics website they are listed as $1.49 cents each which is pretty cheap.

Daddy’s Little Monster T-Shirt

Daddy's Little Monster

I swear this is the last Harley Quinn item on this list. I love Hello Kitty and Harley Quinn so this t-shirt just needs to get into my closet. It’s so freaking cute. 😛

Suicide Squad ReBirth Issue #1

Suicide Squad ReBirth.jpg

Not necessarily movie related, but I had to include the new Rebirth on this list. It seems like it’s based more off the movie and I think I will like ReBirth more versus the new 52.

Katana Figure

Katana Statue

Katana is another character I’m looking forward to see in the film because I loved her run in Arrow. I think her character is a bad ass and she will fit well in the movie. This figure is so detailed though I don’t have $154 for an action figure at the moment. Still she looks cool.

Enchantress Tank Top 

Enchantress Tank Top.jpg

I love the design on this tank top! I love that it takes the movie poster artwork and putting it on a tank top. It’s around 40 dollars so if I really love the movie, I’ll buy this.

Anyone else as pumped as I am for Suicide Squad!? 



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