Gaming at the Arcade Bar

I love exploring new areas, but I also love seeing someone new experience something for the first time. The boyfriend came to see me this weekend and even though he has been to the Twin Cities 4 times now, there is still so much he has yet to visit. Yesterday, we spent a full day in Uptown which is a beautiful area of Minneapolis. There’s Lake Calhoun to walk around, there’s plenty of smaller restaurants and plenty of stores to wander through. Our soul purpose of this visit was to check out this arcade bar titled Up Down. 

Up Down is a video game hub, but also a great place to relax. Skeeball was immediately next to the entrance. Unfortunately, it was super popular so I wasn’t able to challenge my boyfriend for a round. There’s also two isles of arcade games plus pinball. Did I mention that Fix it Felix was there? Fix it Felix is actually pretty frustrating to play thanks to Ralph constantly dropping bricks on my head. I succeeded in playing Family Guy Pinball by somehow having three balls in play at once. I think I get my pinball skills from my dad. Finally, I have to talk about my all time favorite arcade game: Dig Dug. 

Fix it Felix.jpg

Family Guy Pinball Skills.jpg

Dig Dug reminds me of my childhood because I used to have a PC version a long time ago. I remember devoting one day to getting to level 100. I did succeed, but it took a couple hours. As I played Dig Dug at Up Down, I set a record! That’s right AAM scored around 14,000 points and was the highest score. Up Down has only been open for less than a month, but clearly I need to go back soon to maintain my Dig Dug skills and keep my high score.

Dig Dug High Score.jpg

Eventually the boyfriend and I made our way to the bar to order drinks. The boyfriend ordered a Pineapple cider whereas I ordered a Pale Ale. I kept stealing sips from the boyfriend’s cider because it was fantastic. After paying around 5 bucks for coins and 6 bucks for beer, it was time to call it a day. This bar was so amazingly geeky and I can’t wait to go back.



13 thoughts on “Gaming at the Arcade Bar

  1. WHAT?? I must find this place! I live up in Duluth and have never heard of it. I’ll be down in the cities for Ren Fest in September -might have to make a side stop. What else is down there I need to know about?? -educate me 🙂


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