The Big Bang Theory

My sophomore year of college was identified by living in this overrated building on campus, but also by my obsession with The Big Bang Theory. The Big Bang Theory is one of those comedies that you will either love to pieces or absolutely hate with a passion. I’m someone who loves The Big Bang Theory and will always be down for reruns. I love Leonard and Penny and I even have their bobble heads sitting on my bookshelf. I decided to write about why I defend this show against people who find it offensive.

The biggest argument going against this show is that it’s offensive by poking fun of living a geek/nerd lifestyle with endless trips to the comic book store, watching sci-fi TV shows and being socially awkward. The Big Bang Theory does play on these stereotypes of nerdy men who are sex obsessed and really shy. That’s bullshit since I have met a lot of geeky men *including my wonderful & adorable boyfriend* who don’t fit these stereotypes. I don’t really take this show seriously, as I like just watching their geeky lives play out in each episode. I’m also not insecure of being a geek like I used to be, so I’m able to laugh and identify with the characters on the show.

Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory

Finally, I am someone who completely loves Sheldon for a variety of reasons. Sheldon in my opinion is a clear cut case of someone with Asperger’s Syndrome. He’s super intelligent, yet socially he doesn’t understand cues. I wish the show would address this concept a bit more because it would be great to see someone acting out Asperger’s on a TV Show. Sheldon’s character would disprove the idea that kids with Autism/Asperger’s syndrome are stupid which is completely false.

What are your opinions on The Big Bang Theory? Do you find it offensive, or can you laugh along with each episode?




10 thoughts on “The Big Bang Theory

  1. Most of the time I like this show too! But there are times that I am offended and don’t like what I hear on the show. For instance, how is it possible that Bernadette hates Doctor Who so much she wants to pawn the TARDIS off on one of her friends?? Does she know how much fans would pay for that?? lol. It’s also disappointing the reactions that the “normal” characters have to the geeks, but it’s understandable because they need to have drama happen for people to remain interested in the show. They haven’t done anything completely awful and unforgivable in my opinion to make me stop watching yet.

    It would be awesome and inspiring to see Sheldon diagnosed with Asperger’s! (As long as they didn’t make fun of the name like South Park did. It’s unfortunate that that episode is why I remember it.)


    • I think for me what can be most offensive about this show is the stereotypes. Not everyone who likes “geeky” things are awkward and don’t know how to communicate with others. Though I’m still an awkward person which I’m fine with. I went to a panel once where they discussed TV characters with Asperger’s and Sheldon shows many signs of having this learning disability. It would have been great if the Big Bang Theory would have exposed that right away.


  2. This was really interesting to read!

    I mostly agree with you, however there are times where I do cringe a bit. I think the show would benefit by making it feel more like they are laughing with the characters rather than at them.

    An example is last night I was watching it and the show was picking fun at the guys from making their own Star Trek cosplays. I was enjoying it but at the same time I felt it then took a turn to taking the piss out of them and that kind of hit a cord as someone who has just proudly finished her first Star Trek cosplay. What I don’t like about that is people who would laugh at them for being losers are the type of people who have been nasty to me in the past and I hate to think they are at home laughing at things the guys are interested in and passionate about as I, and i’m sure lots of people including myself have experienced.

    I think the point I’m making is, I agree with you to a degree but I think they really could do with making it feel more like we are laughing with them rather than at them at times…..

    Saying that I do enjoy the show, I find it quite relatable, and i also really enjoy the fact they have introduced Bernadette and Amy and actually made Penny less ‘bimbo’ too as that was one point I didn’t used to like!


    • YES! I love that Penny is more of her own person and less “dumb” per say. For me when I watch the Big Bang Theory, I’m able to watch the show and laugh along because a lot of what they’re going through I can relate. The other thing too is I have never really experience bullying for being a geek. For others who have experience this, I can understand why the Big Bang Theory could be rather offputting. Thanks for the comment I enjoyed reading it!


    • I’ll definitely read it! I definitely respect that people are pretty mixed about the Big Bang Theory. I really like the show but I can see where the show is problematic and why some would find it offensive.


  3. I see it more as making fun of the nerdy stereotype, not of nerdy people themselves. Also I feel like the people that find the show offensive are also the people that feel defensive of their interests. Honestly there has never been a better time than now to be “geeky.” Star Wars, superheroes, Doctor Who and all the bigger fandoms are more commonly liked than not! So yeah…I like this show lol.


  4. Well, I take the show with a grain of salt much like other types of comedies. It is supposed to be funny and blown out of portion. I’m not a huge fan of the show because I feel like it is just dragging on and on at this point. I’ve stopped watching it because I don’t have cable. But I can certainly see why others find the show at times cringe worthy.


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