5 Fandoms That Aren’t My Thing

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I haven’t participated in a Fandom Friday post in quite some time so I felt like I should join in. I love this topic because I think everyone has something they have tried to watch/read/play that they couldn’t get into. I feel like mine may upset people but I just want to say that I don’t “hate” these fandoms, they just weren’t for me. So here it goes. . .

Game of Thrones

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I tried reading the first book in the series way back in Fall 2012 and I couldn’t finish this book. It was too detailed for me and there were a lot of side stories to keep track of. I’m also not a fan of the show mainly due to the large amount of rape scenes. I understand that rape happened in this era, but that doesn’t mean that rape should occur all the time. Watching it makes me very uncomfortable especially with the rape culture we have today.

The Walking Dead

Walking Dead

I watched the first episode when the horse was eaten by zombies and I knew I would never watch another episode. I understand why this show is popular. Everyone identifies with certain characters that they want to live throughout the apocalypse. The cliff hangers are irritating yet hook viewers in every time. I’m someone who hates seeing animals being killed in a TV show or movie etc. So I knew that after the first episode, I was done.

Lord of the Rings *books not films*


I love the Lord of the Rings films don’t get me wrong. I was also able to finish reading The Hobbit book, but Lord of the Rings… I can’t. The books just talk about all of Frodo’s adventures that aren’t really necessary to the plot. I have tried three times to read these books and I have given up. It’s just so boring and whenever I try to read these books it makes me hate reading. That’s awful because I love reading, I just can’t get through these boring books.



This game reminds me of Lego in a video game. I never really played with Legos as a kid, that was more my brother’s thing. So when I played Minecraft I was pretty bored with the game. The graphics to minecraft aren’t all that great either so I don’t understand why this game is so well liked. Me and the boyfriend played it for a little while and the only part I liked was getting really easy achievements and that’s about it.

Monopoly & Scrabble

Board games are a fandom.. aren’t they? Table top gaming is actually super awesome so it counts in my book. I always went bankrupt in Monopoly first thanks to my mom buying the two most expensive properties. Scrabble to me is just beyond boring and not something I’m good at. I can never play these two games ever again. 

17 thoughts on “5 Fandoms That Aren’t My Thing

  1. I should’ve included Game of Thrones on my list! I read the first book which was so dense that I have yet to read another and I watched the first season of the tv show but my involvement ended there. It’s too graphic for me and I only formed an attachment to Danerys but not enough of one to hook me. Glad I’m not the only one!


  2. I’m totally with you on GoT, The Walking Dead and Minecraft. I cannot get into any of these.I finished season 1 of GoT but only likes Danerys and then I kept hearing about the rape scenes that they played up to be more violent/disturbing than in the books and I was just like yeah, I have no time for that kind of thing.


  3. I only just started watching Game of Thrones. It’s interesting enough, but nothing to jump up an down about. I also don’t get what all the commentary is on the rape scenes. I’ve seen women almost get raped and rape talked about, but I have yet to see a legit rape scene. I think I’m in the 3rd season, too. But oh the violence. Sometimes I have to look away.


      • I just started season 6 and I can only think of two scenes that were bad. One was pretty bad, but I think the fact that clothes were still on made it appear visually less violent (even though it was obviously violent). The other was really bad I almost wanted to plug my ears. But you didn’t see it happening, only heard it.


  4. I have the first Game of Thrones book sitting on my desk from the library and I’m just so scared to read it because it seems so dense and like I will abandon shortly in bleh


  5. I get what you mean about shows propelling rape culture forward. This is why I stopped watching Peaky Blinders as there was a rape in every season! It was used as a method of suspense, drama, and to clearly define one of the characters as a bad guy and ultimately as entertainment?! How any one would find the sexual abuse of a woman entertaining (because it was common back then) is beyond me. Plus, raps is also common now actually! Sorry for the rant it just really upsets and angers me.


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