TV Time: Reviewing My TV To Do List

The older I have gotten; the more I’m becoming a TV person. I absolutely love watching TV though I like watching TV on my time. Since summer has arrived, I find that I watch more TV when I come home from work. There’s nothing better than having a really stressful day to being able to lay on the couch with my laptop and watch a really intriguing show. I wanted to devote this post to shows that are on my TV To Do List.

1. Orange is the New Black

Ruby Rose.jpg

My Girl Crush… ❤

I started watching Orange Is the New Black yesterday and I have become slightly addicted. I really wanted to watch this show partly because I think Ruby Rose is hot as hell, but because of Laverne Cox. I’m only a couple episodes in the first season, but my heart breaks when I see flashbacks of Sophia Burset (Cox’s character). I also love how we are seeing lesbian relationships and transgender characters being represented on this show. Now we just need more of that on other shows.

2. Steven’s Universe

Steven Universe

This show looks so happy & fun.

I will never grow out of cartoons. Especially cartoons that portray gender fluidity with amazing color and quality. Steven’s Universe just seems like such a fun show that is really progressive. I have also seen Steven Universe comics that I’m dying to read, but I know I would enjoy them a lot more if I watch the show.

3. Supernatural


10 seasons… challenge accepted. 

Now this is a huge project. 10 seasons. . . could I actually get caught up? I love anything the CW puts out especially Arrow, the Flash & Legends of Tomorrow so I’m sure I would love this show. Plus I like that it’s about demons and how it has that horror element to it. This may have to be bumped to be watched after Orange if the New Black.

So as you can see I have a lot of TV to watch. What’s on your binge list? I’m always open for new suggestions on TV shows to watch.

8 thoughts on “TV Time: Reviewing My TV To Do List

  1. YES MARIAH! Orange is the New Black!! What season are you on? Finish it before the new season so I have someone to talk about the episodes with 🙂


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