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I started purchasing comics around three years ago when I visited a comic book store in Minneapolis. I bought a few single issues, but mostly they were superhero related. Along with reading paperback comics, I have also browsed through a variety of web comic series. One such comic that I highly recommend is Assigned Male.

Assigned Male.jpg

I discovered Assigned Male as I was scrolling through Facebook. A friend of a friend liked Assigned Male so I decided to click on it. I became so entranced with Stephie the main character that I read all 215 issues that same day. It took about two hours? but it was two hours at a silent library that was well spent.

Assigned Male talks about common transgender issues including what transphobia is, gender fluidity and what it’s like to be going through gender dysphoria. It details Stephie’s experiences with people who often misgender her. By the way misgendering a trans gendered person is a really hurtful thing to do. Imagine if you were walking down the street and someone blatantly calls you the wrong pronoun. I would be really offended if someone started labeling me as he because that’s not who I am. This is something a trans-gendered individual has to face on a daily basis.

Assigned Male 2.jpg

Stephie also deals with her father and how her father is somewhat ashamed of Stephie for being trans. There was one comic where Stephie was on the news and Stephie’s father was on a date and turned off the TV because he didn’t want his date to see Stephie. Her father does make strides in accepting Stephie as his daughter though he still has a long way to go.

I’ll post the link to the Assigned Male comic at the bottom of this page. I follow the Assigned Male Facebook page and I would recommend it. Our country has a really long way to go to protect trans individuals in this country. I know this because I constantly see the hate on the author’s Facebook page which makes me sick. If you’re looking for an informative web comic with plenty of humor and cute artwork; Assigned Male is something that you need to read.

Assigned Male Web Comic

4 thoughts on “Assigned Male Comics

  1. Sounds like a great comic! I’ve added it to my To Read list and I’ll be following it on Facebook. With all of the nonsense anti-trans rhetoric all over the place lately it’s great to see a comic with good information in an easy to understand format.


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