My Harry Potter Story

Yule Ball 3 copy

My Gryffindor Scarf.. I don’t have a Hufflepuff one unfortunately.. :/ 

When I think of my childhood, I think of going to my cottage in the summer and waking to the calm waves hitting the dock. I think of my endless supply of books and how I would pretend to read as I opened each one. Finally, I think of the Harry Potter books and how my dad would read them to me before I fell asleep. Harry Potter is a fandom that is always in my heart. It reminds me of my childhood, but the story is told eloquently as we learn about Hogwarts.

My dad purchased the books in the late 90’s. He had heard wonderful things about the series and it was important in my household to read books. We would read them together as a family as I sat on my dad’s lap as he read along. Eventually, I would start reading the chapters out loud to get practice with reading. I would mispronounce words with my dad correcting me as I read. The Harry Potter books taught me how to read, but also engaged me. Hogwarts was a world I wanted to be apart of.

The movies came out not too long after that and it was a family outing to go see them all. I have seen every single Harry Potter movie in theaters. There was also the midnight release parties. I went to two of the parties and they were super fun. It included making a wand with a straw and pipe cleaners until midnight rolled around when Barnes & Noble started handing out the books. When the fifth book came out my family had a bet to see which character would perish since Rowling said a major character would die in the fifth novel. I won the bet saying Sirius would be the one to pass. I was sad that I was right.

After the movies Pottermore was created. I’m proud to say that I’m definitely a Hufflepuff. I even took the quiz a second time and I still got Hufflepuff. Now Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them is getting released this year. It’s like every 5 years the Harry Potter fandom is rejuvenated with something new. For some, this is annoying but for me it’s magical.


Harry Potter has such a personal impact on my life and it’s a fandom that really has a special place in my heart. It reminds me of my dad and all the good memories we had together before he passed. It’s a fandom with great personal messages and great characters to sympathize and relate with. It’s a fandom that will be there for you at the worst of times and bring you to the light. Always. 



8 thoughts on “My Harry Potter Story

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  2. I started HP when the first movie came out even though I knew about it from friends and they kept pushing the books on me. I wasn’t interested until I saw the preview for the movie and then I binged the book. I was reading it up until the frigging previews and I finished right before the lights went out. Hahah


  3. Lovely post! Fantastic Beasts is going to be so much. I totally agree – it’s rejuvenated something new for all of us fans and will open up younger fans to the Harry Potter, if their parents aren’t already reading them the books. 🙂


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