5 Fandom Friday Geeky Tattoos

5 Fandom Friday

It’s been forever since I did a 5 Fandom Friday prompt. It really depends on what the prompt is and if I’m interested but tattoos are pretty awesome. They’re beautiful and they often have a story behind them which is why I find them intriguing. A couple friends got their first tattoo in college and it inspires me to get one eventually. Being a geek, it would obviously relate to a fandom. Here’s the top 5 tattoos I would get that are geek related.

Deathly Hallows Symbol + Always written in cursive + My Dad’s Birthday.

Deathly Hallows

I am a huge Harry Potter fan. It’s something I grew up with but I haven’t forgotten. My dad introduced these books to me and I can’t imagine my life without them. This would be the first tattoo I would get for sure.

Second Harry Potter Tattoo I would Consider

Potential Harry Potter Tattoo.jpg


Bioshock Sleeve.jpg

So I probably would never get a sleeve due to money and it’s not something I’m interested in. However, this is amazing. Bioshock is one of my all time favorite video games ever. It has a lot of meaning and I would love to get something from the game tattooed. It would have to be in color I think because of it looks x10 cooler that way.

I’m only going to do 3 tattoos for now because I probably don’t want more than 3. I love all of these ideas and hopefully once I graduate college, I can think seriously about getting a tattoo.


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