The Wicked Will Rise Review

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Today, I will be reviewing The Wicked Will Rise by Danielle Paige which was my second book that I read this year. I have also modified my reading goal from 40 to 10. Instead of setting the bar higher, I decided to lower my goal and then as I reach it increase it by 10. That way by the end of the year I don’t become disappointed that I didn’t reach my goal rather look at how many books I have read since the 10 books that I set. So now let’s move forward into this book that I truly hated: The Wicked Will Rise.

Did I mention that I hated this book? I gave this book one star on good reads and this book makes me question why I fell in love with the first book. Our main character Amy Gumm is back tracking down all three of Dorothy’s treacherous minions (Lion’s courage, Scarecrow’s brains and the Tin Man’s Heart) Dorothy is basically a sadist in red high heels too so that’s interesting. It feels like this book drags on forever! This book was so slow and I just wanted to finish it so I could move on to something else. Finally, in the last 40 pages I was actually somewhat excited to read it, but it’s a little too late for me to start caring.


Amy needs to settle down. She is making out with Pete, holding hands and being lovey dovey with Nox it’s like girl… you have more important things going on than a romance. I mean why include a romance in the first place? Isn’t it okay to have Amy be an independent woman? I felt like the Amy and Nox and Pete love triangle was rather forced and not natural.

Also Amy’s transformation just bothered me. Before this novel, she was a sarcastic, intelligent girl who is a little damaged. Now she’s killing everything she sees, it’s kind of scary to see her transform this way. I mean I get it because she’s aligned with the wicked witches, but I guess I miss the fact that there was some good in her. Oh and the big spoiler at the end? Meh… I mean it was kind of a cool idea, but at this point I’m happy to be finished with the book & series.

The locations in the story were pretty cool (a rainbow island with mystical colors) also Polychrome, a fairy princess, is super cool with her menacing panther. Too bad they are in the story for maybe 30 pages. Also Polychrome is supposed to be this powerful being and then the first time we meet her she makes out with a guy for five minutes. What the hell?

That’s pretty much the gist of why I hated this book. It’s really sad because I thoroughly enjoyed the first one, but the second one was so bad that I am definitely through with the series. I have the original book by Frank L. Baum and I’m more excited to read that and get this book out of my head.. ASAP.



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