Geek Fashion Finds #1

Fashion is a passion and overall hobby of mine. Clothes can express personality and improve confidence. When I’m wearing an outfit I thoroughly enjoy, my confidence skyrockets and I’m in such a great mood. What makes fashion even better is when it collaborates with geek fandoms and fun patterns. During my study breaks as I surf the internet, I found some cute clothes that I absolutely am having to restrict myself from purchasing this instance. Here’s my first Geek Fashion Finds and hopefully this could be a regular on my blog.

Her Universe Star Wars Workout Clothing

Star Wars Leggings Her UniverseYoga Namaste Shirt

When I first saw these, I was so tempted to pull out my wallet. I spend almost half my time at the gym during the week so this would be perfect. I love the Star Wars logo on the leggings and the leggings are bright green/teal which would brighten up my gym clothes. I typically only wear black workout pants because it goes with every type of workout shirt. I need some color! Also I love that these are leggings because in Minnesota.. winter is approaching. This matching Namaste shirt is so beautiful. The artwork on this shirt is gorgeous! Star Wars has a special place in my heart due to Star Wars Battlefront the video game and the prequel movies coming out when I was little. The leggings are $30 and the shirt is $35. I actually get paid today so who knows maybe these will be coming to me as an early Christmas present? šŸ™‚

Tokidoki Cats & Unicorn t-shirt

TokiDoki Cats and Unicorns shirt

My clothes are an explosion of bright colors, funky t-shirts and fitness gear. Cats are my spirit animal and these unicorns mixed with cats in space are freaking adorable. Tokidoki is a really cool brand that actually celebrated its 10 year anniversary recently. I love fun and really funky clothes and Tokidoki really represents that. The only thing I personally own of Tokidoki is this cute unicorn that sits on my desk. I bought it at Console-Room in May. Anyway, this shirt is $36 which is a little pricey especially with shipping. It’s still on my Pinterest Geek Fashion board waiting to be purchased.

My geek fashion finds are amazing and super cute. I hope to purchase them eventually with some paychecks. Thank god it’s Friday and I can finally enjoy a relaxing weekend.

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