Gaming Rant: I cannot finish Sleeping Dogs

Gaming Rants are maybe a new feature I will add to my blog, but I haven’t decided yet. I know it’s been a while since I have posted a gaming-related feature, but alas here is one now. This rant is all about Sleeping Dogs and why I was looking forward to this game, but realizing that I’m so annoyed with it that I’m selling it back to game-stop and hopefully exchanging this for something better.

Way back when this game was called True Crime and I loved the feature that allowed you to play as a cop and a criminal simultaneously. I thought it would make for a great game. Especially since the game takes place in Hong Kong, I thought that location would add a lot to the story and the environment.

I really wish this game could have been a lot better, but I feel like I wasted my time playing it. I hate the fighting controls in this game. When an enemy comes at you, they light up red. You have to hit Y on the 360 controllers to disarm and avoid the attack. Too bad this only works 50% of the time. I was trying to bust a drug ring, but I kept dying because it wouldn’t let me disarm them. It reminds me of Batman Arkham Asylum’s combat style but is messy and unfinished. I also really hated the driving controls too. I kept changing the view as I was reversing and it was rather frustrating. The game would also freeze and glitch when I try and drive sometimes and it was rather annoying.

The whole being a cop and a criminal simultaneously isn’t all that great of an idea. I love driving around doing what I want in GTA. Since you’re a cop now, you get fewer points for everything you crash into. Obviously, this makes sense but driving missions when you’re trying to lose gang members become aggravating. It’s almost impossible to drive full speed and not crash into anything especially when the gangs keep smashing into my vehicle. Eventually one mission with a bus, I seriously got almost no police points back because of how much I had slammed into things.

Overall, this game did not meet my expectations. I’m hoping to exchange this game for something different, a game more worth my time.

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