Life Lately: Happy Homecoming

Being a college student, I have experienced four homecomings at Winona State University. This year, homecoming occurred earlier than usual, but nevertheless it came full swing.

Now don’t get my wrong, I like homecoming for various reasons. I love the heightened school spirit around campus and the various activities occurring throughout the week, but at the same time I don’t want to experience another homecoming again.

The parade is a fun activity for students to watch but not when there are obnoxious drunk people. One girl even shouted into the crowd of the parade, “I’m intoxicated and I’m a minor happy homecoming”. That same girl also shouted into the police cop cars in the parade, “Take off your shirt”. It’s these kinds of people that really ruin homecoming for me.

The liter that accumulates after homecoming is really disgusting. Beer cans & wine bottles are the very least of what litters the ground of Winona. Me and my friend got cat called at least two or three times just in a ten minute walk home from the football game. I even overheard a conversation that went a little like this:

Guy #1: “Hey do you know of any girls that would want to be hanging around my boy over here? *points to Guy #2*

Girl #1: “No, none of my friends have sex on the first date.”

Guy #2: “Then they’re not worth my time.”

That’s absolutely disgraceful. It sucks that there are young men who go to college for the sole purpose of having sex with as many college women as they possibly can.

Maybe it’s because I’m a senior and every time I’m around for homecoming, I just get more annoyed. As a freshman and even a sophomore, I would look forward to homecoming because of the activities on campus. Staying in Winona for a fifth year, I’m easily going to make plans for homecoming weekend. I can go home and hang out with friends back home, or even bake holiday themed cookies with my mom. All of that sounds way better than being in Winona for homecoming.

Homecoming 2015 was crazy, but I did end up taking some pictures and I guess I can say that I did have a little fun. Next year, I’m out of Winona because homecoming isn’t worth my time.


Homecoming 2015: Warriors vs. Huskies


Pumpkin Spice Chai Latte ❤


My friend Ryan promoting Traditional Games Club

DSC01779 DSC01780 DSC01788 DSC01790

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