Fat Shaming

Fat shaming is a really ugly part of society. For example, one of my past roommates posted a status on Facebook stating that when she was walking home, people shouted “fat whale” at her. It disturbs me how much society judges people based on weight.

There is no way of knowing a person’s health status by looking at them. Do you know their cholesterol, blood glucose and blood pressure results? Most likely not. Yes being overweight & obese by the body mass index does raise the risk for developing diseases, but that doesn’t mean that every overweight & obese person has these conditions. So for you to judge and yell insults at someone who is a bigger individual, you are putting that person down and being a bully. That has scary consequences for that person’s well being. My roommate felt upset and it ruined her day just because of that shitty comment.

Also if you haven’t heard of Nicole Arbour’s Dear Fat People video.. it’s the most offensive and degrading video I have ever watched. She basically touches on how we should bully overweight people in society so that they will lose weight. That’s the worst advice I have ever heard. Bullying leads to depression and that can lead to coping mechanisms which includes excessive eating.

One reason why I’m really passionate about exercise science is I want to help other people reach their goals. I want to show how awesome exercise can be, but I don’t want to make people feel guilty or shame them for their weight. Weight shouldn’t define your worth in society, but it really does. When I enter into the fitness profession, I want to make people feel better about themselves, not worse.

So for all the women and men who have been made to feel guilty about their weight, those people are jerks. Everyone is worth something and your weight doesn’t define who you are. You’re awesome in every single way and if some jerk comments on your life, hold your head high and move on. You don’t need that negativity in your life.

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