8 Photos of Happiness

Sunday is always a relaxing day of the week for me. I can read, catch up on some gaming, watch Netflix and just relax before classes start on Monday. I’m nervous yet super excited to start classes. I want to work again to make some extra money to put in my savings.

This series of “8 Photos of Happiness” comes from the Geeky Burrow’s blog http://www.thegeekyburrow.com/ These photos instantly make me happier and less stressed especially with the memories associated with them.

Astronomy Club Fair!

Representing the WSU Astronomy Club at the club fair!

Girls Night Out!

Geek Board Game Night

My friends gathered for a board game night at our favorite board game location.


because cats. 😀

Winona Sunset

Beautiful Winona


I named my adipose, Poe. It’s so freaking cute.

Birthday Arkham Horror

My boyfriend playing Arkham Horror for the first time. I love this picture of my boyfriend and my brother.


Console-Room was an awesome Doctor Who convention. I will be back in 2016.

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