Life Lately: Planning the Doctor Who Convention!

It’s a rainy Sunday afternoon and I’m drinking a cappuccino at my favorite coffee cafe in Winona. While slowly drinking my cappuccino, I am planning my convention schedule for next weekend!

The schedule is set up with two different “tracks”. These tracks are organized with panels and activities associated with beginner Doctor Who fans versus advanced Doctor Who fans. I plan on going with the Beginner Track because I have only seen the new series and not the old series of Doctor Who.

The special guests at this convention are one thing I am looking forward to. Colin Baker, the sixth doctor, is a special guest for this convention. Even though I haven’t seen the old Doctor Who episodes, I still really want to meet him. I do plan on watching the older Doctor Who episodes sometimes. Ellie and & Joseph Darcey-Alden are also planning on appearing. They played the children in the Doctor Who Christmas Episode “Snowmen”.

Here is what my current convention schedule looks like:

Friday: May 29th

12:00 PM = Colin Baker photographs and autographs. < This is assuming that I make it to the convention at this time. Unfortunately, I have to leave after my summer class on Friday and it’s a two-hour drive so we shall see.

1:30 PM = Doctor Who Novels for Beginners. < I’m super excited for this panel because I would love to read books that go beyond just the television show and I’m always looking for new books to read.

3:00 PM = Missing Doctor Who episodes or wandering the convention. I want to take a lot of pictures of all the cosplayers at the convention so I may skip this panel. I haven’t decided yet.

4:30 PM = Ellie and Joseph Darcy-Alden interview

6:00 PM = Doctor Who Podcasts panel

7:00 PM = Opening Ceremony of the Doctor Who convention

8:00 PM = Colin Baker interview

9:30 PM = Joseph Scrimshaw Show. Joseph Scrimshaw is a Minnesota-based geek comedian that I think is hilarious. He appears at Convergence every year. He is going to this convention too so I definitely want to make time and see his show.

Saturday: May 30th

10:00 AM = Building the Baddies: Doctor Who Villains panel. The villains that the Doctor encounters are a really important aspect of the show. The Daleks are the oldest villain and they appeared in the original 1960’s show. I think my favorite “villain” of the Doctor Who series is the Weeping Angels.

11:30 AM = Colin Baker photographs or Doctor Who knitting or Newbies to the Series. It’s always awkward when there is a lot to see in a one-time slot. I don’t know how to knit but I would love to learn. Newbies to the Series would also be a great panel since I do consider myself a newbie to the series.

1:00 PM = Building a Dalek. I love doing artsy stuff. Building a Dalek would be a fun thing to do during this time slot.

2:30-3:00 = Where do I start with classic series and Doctor Who crafting.

5:30 = Cosplay 101.

7:00 = Console Room Masquerade. < This is a show in which they show off cosplays that people do for the convention.

Sunday: May 31st

11:30 am = Doctor Who Fandom in the Twin Cities

2-3:30 PM = Colin Baker signing and autographs

I hope to be on the road at around 4ish and get back to Winona at around 6 PM. I’m super excited about this convention and I will post a lot of pictures and do a full post when the convention is over.

If you’re a huge Doctor Who fan, let me know who’s your doctor.


Colin Baker Doctor Who Convention T-shirt Ellie Darcy Alden

Pictured left to right: Colin Baker by the Tardis, the convention t-shirt design, and Ellie Darcey-Alden.

Joseph Darcey Allen Joseph Scrimshaw

Joseph Darcey-Alden and Joseph Scrimshaw.

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