Chocolate Book Tag Challenge

Book tags are fun ways to recall the past books that you read. Book tags have a category and you pick a book that fits the category. It makes sense when you read the books that I chose. I got the idea from a blog post by the Book Nosher, a blog that I love to read. (I put the link at the end of this post). So here is my Chocolate Book Challenge 😀
Dark chocolate; or A Book With a Dark Subject 

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson.

I read this book junior year of high school and I absolutely love the characters and the series. Lisbeth experiences many forms of sexual assault in this book which is one reason why this book is so graphic. It can be a little hard to read, but I like how she gets revenge on her rapist. The mystery in this book also presents rape and pedophilia. Even though this book contains such dark material, it’s really a fascinating read and it’s one of my favorite books of all time.

White chocolate; or A Favorite Lighthearted Read

Calvin & Hobbes comic books by Bill Watterson.

Anytime I want to revert back to my childhood, I pick up a Calvin & Hobbes comic book. Calvin is a first grader and he has his imaginary friend, a stuffed tiger named Hobbes. They go on adventures together. It’s such a cute graphic novel and Calvin’s personality is hilarious.

Milk chocolate; or A Book That You’re Dying to Read; or A Book that Makes You Thirsty
The Wicked will Rise by Danielle Paige.

I read Dorothy Must Die a couple months back and the sequel came out two months ago. It’s about Dorothy ruling Oz but she’s a horrible person essentially. Amy Gumm, the heroine of the story comes to Oz to try and free Oz from Dorothy’s wrath. I really liked the way Paige portrays Dorothy. I might have to go book shopping soon.

Chocolate with a caramel center; or A Book that Makes You Feel Gooey Inside

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell.

I posted a review about this book a month ago but this book made me feel so warm and fuzzy. It’s about Cather Avery and her experiences during her freshman year of college. Cather reminds me of myself and her romance with Levi is absolutely adorable! They are the cutest book couple that I have read about in a while. Cather’s college story made me think about my own freshman year college experience.

Chocolate chili pepper; or A Book that Surprised You

Defending Jacob by William Landay.

This book is really exciting. The ending is really shocking! It’s about Andy Barber, a district attorney in Massachusetts. His son Jacob, is accused of killing a classmate. It’s all about the trial and the evidence introduced. I am not really a fan of courtroom drama-type books, but this book was exceptional.

Hot chocolate with marshmallows (but only the colorful ones); or A Comfort Read

Hawkeye: My Life as a Weapon by Fraction, Aja, and Pulido.

Comic books and graphic novels are easily comfortable books for me. This Hawkeye series is a series I adored. There isn’t really anything special about Hawkeye. He doesn’t have superpowers, only his bow, and arrow. This series is incredibly funny and Kate Bishop is awesome. I can’t wait to pick up the next volume in the series.

Anyone is welcome to do this book tag with me, I would love to hear your book recommendations!

Book Nosher blog:

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