GapFit Breathe aka Best Workout Shirts ever!

One activity that really decreases my stress level is exercise. Since this is the week before finals, my stress is at an all time high! I take pride in getting good grades and these finals are worth a lot. However, I still manage to find time to exercise. Finding the cutest workout clothes for good quality makes me more excited to hit the gym. I went shopping on Saturday and I found the absolute best workout t-shirts ever. They’re from the Gap and they are amazing.

The Gap is my number one go to place for fitness clothing. It’s really good quality. Workout pants range from 50-60 dollars. That may seem like a lot, but I have had their workout pants for around three years now with no problems. While shopping, I found these shirts on sale. They’re GapFit v-neck t-shirts. Gap has a new line of workout clothes called “Breathe”. These shirts are extremely comfortable and flattering. What I love about these shirts too is that you can pretty much wear them anywhere. They’re perfect for the gym, but you could also wear them to class or to bed. Right now each shirt is around 19.99. I really want to order more because they’re perfect.

If you’re looking for the cutest and good quality workout clothes, I highly recommend the Gap. Here is a link if you’re interested:

Seriously, you need to purchase these because they are the best workout shirts I have come across.

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