Self Esteem & Body Image

Yesterday, I went to a presentation on campus which was titled “Stop Beating Yourself Up”. It discussed self-esteem, how to improve self-esteem and why having negative self-esteem can affect happiness and health. It was a fascinating topic.

Normally, I would say that I have pretty healthy self-esteem. There are characteristics and traits that I absolutely love about myself. That being said, today I just feel really insecure.

Being an exercise science major, I feel like I put all this pressure on how “fit” I am in contrast to other individuals in the major. What does being “fit” even mean? Does it mean that I weigh around 130-135 lbs? Does it mean that I can lift 25 lb. dumbbells? Everyone has a different definition of what being “fit” actually means. Most people put too much pressure on themselves to be perfect.

I realize that I compare myself to others quite often and this is really unhealthy behavior. This constant comparison of whether or not I am “fit” like the other people in my class is very negative thinking. I have never once compared myself to someone else and had a positive thing to say. I am afraid that I’m not as muscular as I should be and that people won’t take me seriously because of that.

I really enjoy my major because healthy & fitness is something that I am very passionate about. I hope that over time these insecurities will get better. I have to remind myself that I am smart enough or in shape or healthy enough to be enrolled in an exercise science major.

To end this post about self-esteem, I have decided to list ten things I absolutely love about myself, whether it be character traits or physical features.

1. I love my smile.

2. I love how I usually try and look at the positive sides of every situation versus the negative.

3. I love my hair. I just think the color fits my look.

4. I like that it’s usually easy for me to trust other people. It helps me build successful friendships and relationships.

5. I love my arms. I have noticed this year I have become more muscular and toned in my arms. I love that I can see in the mirror how much my weight lifting has really paid off.

6. I am intelligent, I love that I read books in my spare time.

7. I love how much effort I put into my schoolwork. I am proud of the grades I  receive and I put a lot of my time into my classes and homework.

8. I love that I am very family-oriented. I love my mother and my brother. I love that we talk weekly and that we have a very close relationship. I love that I can call my brother on his cell phone and have a twenty-minute phone call conversation

9. I love that I’m obsessed with cats because you know cats are the best creatures on this planet.

10. Finally, I am proud to look at how far I have come from that little eighteen-year-old freshman entering college.

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