Obsessing over Scarves & Comic Books

Happy Wednesday everyone! The weekend is so close and I have super fun plans this weekend so I can’t wait! This morning, I was drinking coffee and looking at Pinterest when I found really cool, patterned scarves! Scarves are probably my favorite accessory that I wear! I think they add a lot to a basic outfit and they last for a long time!

Arrow ScarfHobbit Scarf

The red scarf has little white arrows on it while the green scarf is a Lord of the Rings themed scarf. I love them both! I think they are super adorable and quirky.  The links are down below this post if you want to see where I found them.

Besides scarves on Pinterest, I have been obsessing over this new comic series coming out this week. It’s called Spider-Gwen. It’s about an alternate universe where instead of Spider-Man getting bit by the spider, it was Gwen Stacy instead. Gwen Stacy is basically Peter Parker’s soulmate until she is killed by the Green Goblin/killed by Spider-Man from whiplash. I was so tempted in ordering this from Midtown Comics the other day, but I might see if I can find it for cheaper at a local comic book store instead. Here is what the cover looks like:

Spider Gewn

It’s awesome that we see a female character headlining a comic book series. Plus Gwen Stacy is one of the most intelligent characters in the Marvel Universe, so it’s great that she gets a comic series to herself.

Scarf Links:



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