Superbowl Fight.

Like most of the United States yesterday, I was indeed watching the super bowl. Initially, I was rooting for the Seattle Seahawks because my friend was rooting for them and they beat the packers. Though to be honest, I really could care less who won the super bowl. I watched the entire game and in the last 15-18 seconds of the game, a fight broke out between the Seahawks and the Patriots. I was rather astounded.

That’s really immature. The Seahawks were going to lose the super bowl, that was no question but really.. couldn’t you have ended the game with honor. Instead, you decide to attack that Patriots. That’s disgusting to me and to think I was semi-rooting for this team. Your fans look up to you and you decide to go about it like this. Physically attacking players after the end of the game makes me lose respect for you as a team. We are all taught at a young age that we need to accept that sometimes we can’t always win. What does this show younger football fans when they see this on TV?

Overall, the Patriots deserved the super bowl win. They ended up playing a better game than the Seahawks and I highly doubt that if the situation was reversed that the Patriots would physically attack the Seahawks but I guess we will never know.

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