Fashion Inspiration: Karen Gillan

Thursdays are wonderful days for me. I am sitting at my favorite coffee shop with a cappuccino because I am finished with homework and studying. This is the perfect atmosphere to start writing.

I have been watching a lot of Doctor Who because I just started watching the 11th Doctor! Amy Pond is one of the companions who follow the Doctor on his adventures. Karen Gillan, the actress who plays Amy Pond is my newest girl crush! I absolutely love her style! She wears a lot of dresses with tights and skinny jeans with cool jackets. I completely adore that red bus sweater she is wearing! It’s so quirky and awesome. I like to think of my style as being really quirky and just having fun with fashion. I want my clothes to express who I am and that’s really important to me. Karen Gillan’s fashion is amazing and she has definitely become a fashion inspiration for me. I mean look at her amazing outfits! I definitely need to go shopping sometime soon.

Amy Pond Outfit 2Amy Pond Outfit 4Amy Pond Cat Sweater OutfitAmy Pond Outfit 3

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