Beauty Products I Love!

Normally, I am not a girly person. I don’t wear makeup all the time just because I usually end up going to the gym sometime that day and I don’t want my foundation to clog my pores. However, there are some beauty products that I use daily that I absolutely adore.

Philosophy Shower Gel/Shampoo/Bubble Bath

Pumpkin Icing

My mom actually introduced me to the philosophy brand. She bought me some shower gel for Christmas and I am absolutely hooked on this brand! My favorite is the Fresh Cream which reminds me of a sweet vanilla smell. I have also used the pumpkin icing shower gel and it smells absolutely amazing! What’s super cool about this though is that it can be used as shower gel, shampoo and as bubble bath!

Body Spray from Bath & Body Works

Velvet Sugar Spray

I love perfume and body sprays! Bath & Body Works has the best smells! I currently use the one pictured above but I also use one that smells like coconut. Usually, I don’t purchase these very often because they are rather expensive. I feel like perfume and body sprays are worth the purchase because if you know that you smell good, you feel good too!

Lint Rollers

Lint Roller

I volunteer at the Humane Society while I am attending school and after I’m done, I am always covered in cat hair. I use these all the time to help get the cat hair off my jeans or pants so I can go out with friends right after! I always use them when I am at home too because my longer haired cat Jasmine sheds everywhere! These pick up the cat hair and I just remove the sheet when I am done, it’s really easy.

Finally, the last beauty product I absolutely can’t live without is..


Covergirl Lashblast Fusion Mascara

I go back and forth about which brand of mascara to use. I usually end up using Maybelline mascara but this time I switched and tried Lash Blast Fusion from Covergirl. I love mascara! If I ever find time to put on any amount of makeup, mascara is what I always use. I always feel girly and sexy with longer lashes. Mascara is my favorite type of makeup and I always try and find time to wear it every day.

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